I Went To The UK Premiere Of We're The Millers Last Night And People Freaked Out About Jennifer Aniston

15 August 2013 by

jennifer aniston

Erm so last night was a bit odd. I went to the premiere of new film We're The Millers - and found myself face to face with Jennifer Aniston.

I was in the press pen - the long line of journalists and photographers that the celebrities walk up one by one, dutifully answering questions on the film and their lives. Premieres are usually no big deal - both the journalists and the celebrities know their places and its normally a smooth-running operation that results in mutual beneficence for all parties.

This time however, it was different, and it was weird-different, like not-very-nice different. For some reason Jennifer Aniston - more so than any other celeb - inspires an almost Beatlemania-like reaction in people, even in people who normally wouldn't give a toss. Edith Bowman, who was presenting the premiere, interviewed two fans before Jennifer's arrival who were almost shaking with anticipation. Even those in the press pen were starting the get the jitters.

And then she arrived. Jennifer Aniston - right there. In floral Dior. As a rule, I don't get star struck but there was something about her that almost glowed - is that a thing? And then she came closer. In the least stalkery possible way - it was like looking at someone you know very well; the facial expressions, the voice intonations - all remind you of those of dear friend. Except of course, you don't know her at all. You know Rachel from Friends, and she's a fictional character. And suddenly you realise you've gone over to the bad place.

Jen An seems to have this effect on people more so than other celebrities. Easier to relate to than Angelina Jolie but more famous than the rest of Hollywood; she's the original girl next door. I think a little part of anyone that grew up with Friends really believes that they understand what makes her tick. As a result, the realisation that she in fact doesn't know you at all, is harsh. I saw one girl in the crowd crying after Jennifer was whisked past her without the chance to stop.

Jennifer Aniston Jason Sudeikis We're The MIller London

I didn't get a chance to talk to her - no-one around me really did. Some guy behind me asked a silly question about smoking pot which meant that she was ushered along sharply. My colleague managed a few words in which she talked about kissing her very young co-star Will Poulter, "He's so adorable that little boy! And he's so little. It's not like he's even come of age yet..." She also promised that, "There's some fun stuff at the end [of the film] for Friends fans." Having seen it - we promise it's worth sticking around for the credits - just for that moment.

Basically it was a peculiar experience. It must be a pretty bizarre concept to know that the sight of your face can inspire near-hysteria, or that millions of people the world over think that if only you guys met - you'd really get along - when in fact, who the hell knows?

We're The Millers is in cinemas nationwide from 23rd August.


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