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5 Things Morgan Saylor Has Taught Us About Homeland's Dana (SPOILERS, Obvs)

'Homeland''s Dana – 5 Things We Learned About Season Three (SPOILERS OBVS)

Morgan Saylor as Dana [RTE Press Centre]

Although it’s only just begun, the breakout star of Homeland Season 3 seems to be Dana (expertly played by Morgan Saylor). In the season opener we found this good-girl-gone sad had attempted suicide following the emotional double whammy of her boyfriend being offed in a CIA bombing that was seemingly orchestrated by her dad, Brody. After leaving the therapy retreat, how is she dealing with life in the real world? Well by taking some choice selfies of herself for a start. Here’s what else we learned about the character from a new interview with Morgan in New York magazine...

1) Morgan Wasn’t Sure That She Was Returning

“We had no clue if (the Brody family) were coming back (this season),” Morgan admits “we had no idea. The writers actually told me and Morena (Baccarin, who plays Dana’s mum Jess), ‘plan on not working this year. Plan on not being here.’ That was about a week before they started writing (the new season).” Luckily they changed their minds.

2) She Misses Acting With Damian Lewis

“I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say Damian hasn’t been around a lot this season,” Morgan says “which has been really weird.” She adds that, “it will make me sad (if he’s written out). I love, love doing scenes with Damian. We work nicely together. That said, I think the first episode back felt full and when we do see him again, it’s really awesome. I think it will be really exciting for the audience to see him and know what he’s been up to.”

3) She’s Not Keen On Selfies (Although Dana Is)

“I feel like people look ugly in them,” Morgan said “they’re weird, I don’t know; it’s not something I’m really a fan of. I do use FaceTime because I’m frequently isolated from friends and my boyfriend, so I get that. Dana does it because (new boyfriend) Leo is in rehab and they can’t communicate, but it’s a weird way to bridge the gap.”

4) Dana’s ‘Unstable’ Not Suicidal

“She’s a little unstable obviously, but she’s really trying to move on,” says Morgan. “She can’t keep living that life anymore, letting everything revolve around her rather. She has to move on, whether it’s with Leo or just growing up. She does that throughout the season. We see her make more mature decisions…uh, there are some mistakes, though, as well.”

5) Dana Will A Bit Happier This Series

Well, sort of. Morgan says: “It’s easy to fall back into because I’ve played her for so long. But I think this season is a little different. She feels different to me. I have some happier, romantic scenes with Leo, and a little more versatility overall this year.”

Do you agree Dana may be the best thing about Homeland Series 3?


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