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Ooh! Claire Danes Starts Shooting Homeland Series 3 – Let's Decipher These On-Set Pictures

Ooh! Claire Danes Starts Shooting Homeland Series 3 – Let's Decipher These On-Set Pictures

Hurrah! We’ve just come across some new pics from the set of Homeland. Claire Danes is filming the third series of the hit TV show and is back to her Carrie-tastic ways. But before we delve into the meaning of said pics, here’s a quick re-cap of where we left Carrie and Brody (played by Damian Lewis) last time...

At the end of Series 2 we saw Carrie ditch Brody at the edge of the Canadian border, with a new passport and identity following the public airing of his terrorist suicide video. Carrie didn’t follow Brody over the border to the home of Celine Dion and Bryan Adams but she did promise to clear his name. "Bad idea Carrie," thought the entire viewing public.

So what do these new images mean? Let's assess...

Picture 1

Carrie looks particularly anguished in this snap, which was filmed in the offices of The Charlotte Observer paper. As a veteran of The Danes School Of Acting we think this particularly look o' angst can only be a result of Carrie indulging in a session of ‘I’m Illogically Defending Brody (Because I Secretly Love Him)’.

Picture 2

We think this was taken following a session of Claire Danes Cry Face, after the paper printed a particular damning expose on Mr Brody. In fact we're sure of it (just look at the slightly embarrassed looking security guards). Co-creator and executive producer Alex Gansa confirmed to News Observer that: 'Carrie’s come to a reporter to try to exonerate Brody, to try to find an ally in her cause to prove him innocent.'

Picture 3

Hair and Make Up break or time for Saul to attempt the new ‘soothing comb therapy’ out on Carrie? We won’t know until it airs...

In the meantime, below is a much spoil-ery interview Alex Gansa did with ABC News where he revealed that: "The issue in this season is, what happens if it were learned that a major attack on the United States was sponsored by a state? These are the big concerns that we're going to deal with in the first sweep of episodes. And then there's the big question about, you know, where Brody is.”

We. Can't. Wait!


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