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The New Homeland Teaser: What Does It Mean? (Warning: Spoilers Ahead!)

It's almost time for the return of Homeland. Series Three is set to come back to US screens on September 29th. At the Television Critics Association, showrunners Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon revealed some spoiler-y secrets…

1) Brody Will Stay Awol

In the last episode of Season 2, Carrie (Claire Danes) left Brody (Damian Lewis) at the Canadian border with a plan to go to Montreal. Carrie plans to clear his name. Fast forward to Series Three and Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon revealed that Damian Lewis’ Brody would not appear in the first couple of episodes of the show. With Alex adding that it “would be a betrayal” to reveal where the character would appear next.  

In the teaser trailer for the show show, we hear a voice (possibly Saul’s) saying: “We don’t know where he is” before Brody pipes up: “does Carrie know I’m here?” and “help me, I’m almost here…I need my passport.” Uggg, so tense!  Damian Lewis confirmed, “Brody is on the lam.”

2) Carrie Will Come Off Her Meds

“What are ya gonna do?” Claire Danes confirmed. She added that things will be “pretty bleak” post that CIA bombing. “Carrie does feel betrayal,” the actress added when addressing her relationship with Saul. “But even though they’re estranged from each other, they’re very deeply connected.” Expect more of this....

3) Saul May Go Out Of Character

The New Homeland Teaser: What Does It Mean? (Warning: Spoilers Ahead!)

“Saul has to make some uncharacteristic decisions he’s not used to making,” Alex said. He added that a theme of Season 3 addressed “the cost that being an intelligence officer exacts on the people in that career. As a result of the attack, the CIA itself is on trial.” Alex added that Saul is “actually fearful that he might be the last director of the CIA.” Uh-oh.

4) The Brody Family Will Fragment

Alex revealed that the writers asked themselves the question: “are we interested in watching the Brody family if Nicholas Brody wasn’t part of the mix?” They decided that yes, the audience was. “The consensus was there is interest in Jessica, Dana and Chris. It felt like a very good avenue to explore how (Brody’s terrorist act) would reverberate down on these people,” he said.

5) Someone Else Will Die! (Maybe)

In Season Two David Estes (David Harewood) and Abu Nazir (Navid Negahban) both died in rather shocking circumstances. Now it looks like another character could kick the bucket. When asked if any other characters would be killed off, co-showrunner Howard Gordon said: “no comment.” Meanwhile Damian Lewis said: “TV audiences are so literate now and so good at guessing plot in all its permutations. But it’s the timing of the story which is the one thing that(the show makers) have in their power. So if you can shock people by the timing of things- if you can get there just before they expect you to get there- you’re going to be constantly surprising and astonishing people, and that’s what they’ve done so well."


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