There's Going To Be A Heroes Spin-Off! But Where's The Original Cast Now?

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Hayden Panettiere: Then

Aged 16, Hayden appeared as cheerleader Claire Bennet as in 'SAVE THE CHEERLEADER, SAVE THE WORLD'.

Hayden Panettiere: Now

Appearing as Juliette Barnes in TV show Nashville, Hayden's engaged to boxer Wladimir Klitschko and pregnant with their first child. 

Jack Coleman: Then

Having already starred in Dynasty and Spawn, Jack Coleman took on the key role of Noah Bennet.

Jack Coleman: Now

As well as appearing Scandal and The Vampire Diaries, Jack is returning for Heroes Reborn.

Milo Ventimiglia: Then

Milo appeared as Peter Petrelli, the male nurse who could fly (and was mega sexy).

Milo Ventimiglia: Now

He now owns his own film and television entertainment production company called DiVide Pictures

Masi Oka: Then

Masi was Hiro Nakamura, the unlikely hero who could change/tell the future via a comic book. 

Masi Oka: Now

Masi plays Dr. Max Bergman in Hawaii Five-0 and is a digital effects artist.

Greg Grunberg: Then

After appearing as Seth Norris in Lost, Greg took on the role of policeman Matt Parkman in Heroes

Greg Grunberg: Now

Greg appeared in TV show Masters of Sex and has a number of movies in the pipeline.

Sendhil Ramamurthy: Then

Sendhil played doctor Mohinder Suresh who was investigating the superhuman phenomena.

Sendhil Ramamurthy: Now

Sendhil starred in the TV version of Beauty and the Beast last year after a brief stint in the US Office. 

James Kyson: Then

James starred as Hiro's excitabled sidekick Ando Masahashi who was desperate for a power of his own. 

James Kyson: Now

James now appears in sci-fi show Nobility dubbed Firefly meets The Office.

Adrian Pasdar: Then

Adrian starred as Peter competitive brother and lawyer-turned-senator Nathan Petrelli. 

Adrian Pasdar: Now

The actor now does the voiceovers for superhero and children's cartoons and video games including the voice of Iron Man in The Avengers animated series.

Zachary Quinto: Then

Already famous for appearing as Spock in the Star Trek movie, Zach played murderous watchmaker turned super-villain Sylar.

Zachary Quinto: Now

Zach spent two years appearing in TV series American Horror Story, starred in the Star Trek sequel and has a cameo part in Girls lined up.

Ali Larter: Then

Former model turned Final Destination and Resident Evil star Ali, appeared as Niki Sanders and alter ego Jessica Sanders in the show. 

Ali Larter: Now

She went on to appear in another Resident Evil film and is now keen on food Instagrams and has written a book called Kitchen Revelry.

Cristine Rose: Then

Before playing Angela Petrelli - the mother of brother's Nathan and Peter - Cristine has appeared in shows as varied as Clueless and Charmed.

Cristine Rose: Now

Cristine appeared a Virginia Mosby (Ted's mum) in How I Met Your Mother until the show ended last year. 

Jimmy Jean-Louis: Then

Jimmy appeared as the spooky unnamed Haitian who turned up when you least expected him.

Jimmy Jean-Louis: Now

After the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, Jimmy shifted his focus to charity work and rebuilding his home country. He's President of Hollywood Unites for Haiti organisation.

Noah Gray-Cabey: Then

When Noah appeared in Heroes Ali Larter's son Micah, he was just 11 years old and was already a classical pianist who'd played at the Sydney Opera House 

Noah Gray-Cabey: Now

Noah appeared in movie The Volunteer last year. He is enrolled in Harvard’s class of 2016.

Remember mega TV show Heroes? The show first hit our screens waaaaaaaay back in September 2006 and kept us hooked for four epic seasons.

The show told the story of ordinary people whose lives were transformed when they discovered they had varying superhuman powers - from time-travel to the ability to fly. Starring Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere - we were introduced to characters one-by-one as they all became embroiled in a tale of good vs evil and personal discovery. We were hooked. 

Turns out, when the show went off-air in 2009, the producers actually started making a web series called Heroes 360 Experience - and because the fans loved it so much, the producers are BRINGING BACK THE ACTUAL SHOW. Well.. sort of. It was announced in Feburary that a spin-off called Heroes Reborn was going to hit screens in Summer 2015, posting a trailer for the 13-programme series online. 

We're excited already - even though the trailer gives *literally* nothing away. And despite the news - revealed last week - that most of the cast probably aren't coming back. Last week it was reported that Jack Coleman will return as Noah Bennet but Hayden won't be returning to play his daughter and Milo (aka Peter Petrelli) also revealed he wasn't going to take part during a recent fan Q&A.

'I think it’s going to be hard to recapture what we had when the show was out, to be very honest,' he said. 'I’ve had a lot of fans running up to me, very excited. And I think the expectation is high — meaning people want, and are expecting, that the show is going to pick up right where it left off.'

All this talk of the show left us wondering - what are the original cast up to now? Find out in the gallery above.


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