9 Examples Of Lip Syncing That Are 10 Times Worse Than Beyonce At The Presidential Inauguration

23 January 2013 by

Hey internet! Leave Beyonce alone! When was the last time the President Of The United States called on you to sing to (probably) a billion people in below-freezing temperatures? To be honest, if we were in that position, we'd probably feel a little safer if we pre-recorded the track too - it's one less thing to go wrong, meaning you can focus on more important things like, not falling down in front of the whole world for instance. Besides, we all know Bey can sing - just take a look at this video from Obama's 2008 Inauguration Ball where she warbles Etta James' At Last like a trooper. As proof Beyonce is still number one, here's 9 examples of famous lip-syncers doing a much much worse job.

Ashlee Simpson - Saturday Night Live

Ergh, it's awful, it's terrible, we still can't watch it 8 years on. Whatever possessed the girl to do a hoe-down? Beyonce wouldn't have done a hoe-down. Beyonce probably doesn't even know what a hoe-down is.

Lindsay Lohan - Good Morning America

Remember Li-Lo's music career? Do ya? We certainly don't. But here it is - living breathing proof that it actually (sort of) happened. Ignoring Lindsay's super-stylish one-armed top, the real awks moment in the video is at around 2:13 where she stumbles on the words but manages to keep singing. Luckily, she had an acting career to fall back on. She probably did really well at that. Oh wait...

50 Cent - BET Awards

In Da Club rapper 50 Cent suffered a super-embarassing moment at 2007's BET Awards when his DJ queued up a backing track sans Fiddy's pre-recorded rapping. The hip-hop star ambled around the stage in silence pulling lots of super-cool gangster-style moves to disguise a fast-evolving train wreck before cutting the performance short and slinking offstage.

Britney Spears - MTV VMA's

Britney's back! After two years without a release, 2007 saw Britney's return to the music world with this performance at the VMA's. It didn't go swimmingly, Britters looked confused and lost while lip-syncing her way through the totally brilliant Gimme More. Unfortch this was only the beginning of Brit's woes....

Britney Spears - Circus Tour

Eeks, with reports of concert-goers walking out, Circus wasn't Britney's finest hour. The Australian government even considered putting disclaimers on tickets saying that parts of the show would be pre-recorded. Oops.

Squueeze Theeze Pleeze

We haven't got a monkeys who these chaps are, but either the lead singer's a total pro at singing through unfortunate accidents or, well, they're miming.

Milli Vanilli

The original lip-syncers, Milli Vanilli not only mimed on stage, they didn't sing on their records either. When the public found out they were stripped of their Grammy for Best New Artist and were faced with 27 different lawsuits. In hindsight, it probably wasn't their fault at all. Manufactured pop had started and was only going to get worse. Plus, mega babes with totally amazing hair and awesome dance moves? We'll take them over One True Voice any day.

Lin Miaoke-Chinese Olympics Opening Ceremony 2008

Ergh, perhaps the saddest story of all. When the adorable pig-tailed Lin sang the Chinese national anthem at Beijing 2008, hearts melted the world over. Which just made it all the more rubbish when it came out that another little girl, Yang Peiyi, was the actual voice the world had heard. Whether it was because Lin's voice wasn't good enough or Yang wasn't considered adorable enough, both explanations leave us feeling a little 'ugh'. Luckily the British did no such thing at their opening ceremony, which meant we got Paul McCartney's vocals in their gloriously natural state.


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