Henry Cavill: Why The New Superman Is Our Crush Of The Moment

14 June 2013 by

There's no better way to start the weekend than with a jolly good perv look at our crush du jour, Henry Cavill. We'll be the first in the queue this evening to witness this hunk in action as Superman: Man Of Steel has finally hit the big screen. Hurrah!

In probably the greatest 'not to hot' story since the ugly duckling, Henry himself admits that as a child he was called ‘fatty Cavill’ by his peers. And now look at him! Tall, dark, handsome and with muscles Arnie would be jealous of. Take that bullies!

And talk about ticking all the boxes. To achieve the lycra-clad beefcake look that stands before us today, Henry put himself through a rigorous training programme and consumed a whooping 5,000 calories a day. We are aching just thinking about it! We'll stick with the Jane Fonda work out, thanks (less sweat and more room for legwarmers).

We digress. For some of you Superman will be your first glimpse of THE CAVILL, as we shall call him, but for others this role and its promotional tour will just re-affirm the pre-existing, heart pounding, love for him. Henners first came to our attention when he took on the role of The Duke of Suffolk in the sex and breeches drama, The Tudors. Swooping Jonathan Rhys Meyers aside one sex scene at a time, Henry left many a person more than a little hot under the collar. It’s a scientific fact that no one has ever looked that great in male tights. If you haven’t seen this performance in action, do yourself a favour ladies and get on Netflix now to watch him in action, there is a flash of the bum and EVERYTHING.

Post codpiece came the role of Theseus in Immortals, opposite Freida Pinto and Mickey Rourke. Ermm can’t say we actually saw the film BUT the stills are definitely pleasing. Spending most of the shoot with his top off, Henners flexed MANY a muscle and looked *literally* dirty.

But nothing in his back catalogue compares to his rebirth as Clarke Kent. Working the cape as if it is a casual accessory, Henry is THE reason why lycra was invented.

Not convinced? Well take a look at the visuals above and you will see for yourself. **WARNING** we are not responsible for any fainting induced by looking at this gallery. We recommend you have a fan handy.


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