To Celebrate Django Unchained Being Nominated For 4 Oscar Awards, We Relive Our 10 Favourite Quentin Tarantino Scenes

11 January 2013 by

To Celebrate Django Unchained Being Nominated For 4 Oscar Awards, We Relive Our 10 Favourite Quentin Tarantino Scenes

It's not out here yet, but trust us on this, Django Unchained is ALL kinds of good. Come January 18th, we're off to the cinema to watch it again-everyone should definitely come with. Aside from his bizarre interview with Krishnan Guru-Murthy on Channel 4 News last night, Quentin seems all-round like a bit of a dude. Plus, we're big fans of his films. So here, in celebration of his Oscar nominations, are Grazia's picks of our favourite Tarantino scenes.

10. John Travolta And Uma Thurman Dancing In Pulp Fiction

Uma's barefoot dancing with a be-ponytailed John Travolta is proof that some people can get away with dad dancing and still look cool. (NB. That is not, I repeat not, us.)

9. The Restaurant Scene In Reservoir Dogs

As Morwenna Ferrier, Grazia's Features Editor said, "Just reading the script made me want to give up writing forever."

8. Uma Thurman and Lucy Liu Fighting in Kill Bill

Awesome ladies in awesome-r outfits, attacking each other with swords to flamenco music. Bonkers, but brilliant.

7. The Chicks Who Love Guns Scene In Jackie Brown

Weird, so weird, with an odd focus on feet. But a great scene nonetheless. On the special edition DVD release, you can actually watch the Chicks Who Love Guns 'documentary'. Should you ever fancy it...

6. Woody Harrelson And Juliette Lewis Get Married In Natural Born Killers

Young love eh? Even if it is two murderous psychopaths about to go on a killing rampage, there's something sort of touching about the whole thing.

5. Michael Madsen Cuts Off A Cop's Ear In Reservoir Dogs

Proof for those too young to remember that before his Celebrity Big Brother appearance, Michael Madsen was not only a brilliant actor, he was pretty easy on the eyes too.

4. The Italian Scene In Inglorious Basterds

Brad Pitt's Lt. Aldo Raine promises he's got the 'first best Italian' out of the group. Turns out he might have been playing fast and loose with the word 'best' - as this hilarious scene proves.

3. Tarantino's Cameos

It's well known Tarantino likes to appear (albeit briefly) in front of the camera and his turn in Django is probably his best cameo yet- but until then here's him arguing why Top Gun is the best film ever in the Rory Kelly rom com Sleep With Me.

2.The Soundtrack In Death Proof

Not the best Tarantino film by any stretch of the imagination but by far our favourite soundtrack. Take Down In Mexico here by The Coasters.

1. Uma Thurman Kills David Carradine in Kill Bill II

Using the five point palm exploding heart technique. Probs not a real thing. All the same, probs not best to try it out on anyone you'd like to be around for a while.

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