It's Grazia Tuesday! To Celebrate, Or Rather Commiserate, Here's Our Break-up Playlist For Kristen Stewart

05 February 2013 by

In the second of a new weekly column, Rob Fitzpatrick has created a bespoke Spotify Playlist for Grazia Daily. This week, to mark the probable final death knell of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's relationship - read more in the latest issue - he's created a weepy playlist for Kristen Stewart. Chin up babe, and have a listen...

Things have been a little less than straightforward for Hollywood’s highest-grossing romantic couple recently. The lithe-limbed duo, who will undoubtedly find they're batting away references to R-Patz and K-Stew for the rest of their natural lives, first met on a Twilight set in 2008 and for nearly four years everything seemed to go so well with the pair happily refusing to acknowledge they were neck-deep in a super-spoony relationship even as their hormone-fuelled body language pasted it across the world’s media.

Well, that was until last July when Stewart was photographed 'frolicking' in a Californian park with English director Rupert Sanders. She later confessed to a full-blown affair. In an Olympic-level example of bad timing, many believe Rob was just a matter of days away from proposing. Cue tears, regret, gnashing of well-groomed teeth and much super-luxe bag packing. It's thought even Rob's sisters weighed in - thanks girls! - but the possibility of a reunion was always there. Until now, that is, with sources currently claiming that Rob is so tired of Kristen’s endlessly needy demands for some wub and attention he’s actually changed his numbers. Literally. Ouch. Pick up this week's issue for more deets.

We thought maybe some music could ease that pain a little. So, Kanye West’s Welcome To Heartbreak is a brilliantly bleak introduction to emotional upset, while Jocelyn Brown’s anthem to going somewhere you really shouldn’t go will never get old. Jimmie Lawson’s country smash from 1946 could have been written with Pattison in mind, as could Taylor Swift’s hit from 65 years later. John Mayer, someone who knows all about celebrity ex’s, imagines the fallout from a broken heart as war-like, physical effects, just as Lauryn Hill does, “Lovin’ you is like a battle, and we both end up with scars...”. Perhaps the answer for Stewart is to embrace this change and, like Sophie Ellis Bextor, let heartbreak provoke euphoria. You Can’t Always Get What You Want, the Rolling Stones explain, so maybe now it’s time for Stewart to make like OK Go and M.I.A. and let her inner Bad Girl Get Over It.


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