Happy New Year! Here Are 10 Hangover Cures To Get You Through The Day

01 January 2013 by

Christmas is a wonderful time. A golden period of family, presents and dinner in the form of tiny, savoury vol au vents. But it’s also a time when every single event is prefixed by alcohol, when you spend every night for a solid two weeks getting drunk, feeling drunk and then dealing with the effects of being drunk. How best, you ask, to cope during this difficult time? Look no more, because here is Grazia’s Guide To Hangover Cures amassed from the office N.B. while all of us at Grazia excel in functioning on hangovers, do bear in mind this list has been overseen by someone who once ate a hangover breakfast of tripe boiled in garlic and cream soup on the recommendation of an overweight Turkish waiter - Hiya, Bodrum 2006! - so take the following with a pinch of salt (which, incidentally, is good for rehydration)…

1. Bacon Sandwich

I know, I know  - stop the press! But have you ever wondered why it works? Well, bread is high in carbs which speeds up the metabolism and bacon is full of protein, which breaks down into amino acids which in turn counter the effects of the alcohol. To surmise: both get rid of booze more efficiently. Bonus points for additional ‘Lurpak’, ‘Brown sauce’ and ‘white bread’. These have zero scientific merits but they do taste excellent.

2. Exercise

A resounding cure seems to be exercise. Anything from walking, swimming or going for a run. Why? Because it helps rid the body of toxins and makes you feel better. Alternatively, try getting a grip because who wants to jog off Sambucca.

3. Resolve, can of coke and 2 shots of vodka

Take one glass of coke, add a sachet of Resolve, momentarily duck – there is much frothing – add the vodka and then swallow before you see sense.

4. Effervescent Vitamin C

Drunk before bed, this works . Seriously. Look how efficiently I’m working on it.

5. NoHo

This, says one contributor, is an ‘amazing new vitamin drink you have before you drink and before you go to bed’. Which vitamins and how do they work? We’ll never know. But the website would suggest they bully your hangover into submission.

6. Vita Coco, Milk thistle, painkillers, Berocca, Bananas

Preferably not together - imagine - but certainly in that order.

7. Eggs, 3 ways

Anything 3 ways really. Sleep, food, fat, water. Just don’t think about where eggs come from. Oh, too late.

8. Pack of pre-cooked chicken breast

Protein is a must according to everyone in the world. Why not cut out the middleman – an oven – and simply buy some pre-cooked chicken breast. Avoid the one marinated in a wacky sauce.

9. Water with a dash of flavour like lemon, lime or splash juice

Pimped up squash, basically. Failing that, just water – gallons and gallons of it.

10. Broccoli

No idea, no.


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