Details About THAT Gwyneth Paltrow 'Take Down' In Vanity Fair Are Here

04 February 2014 by

Details About THAT Vanity Fair Gwyneth Paltrow 'Take Down' Are Here

Gwyneth Paltrow at the Vanity Fair party [Getty]

It has been one of the most eagerly anticipated articles of all time. Yes, we're talking about the Vanity Fair ‘take down’ of Gwyneth Paltrow. Spoken about since last summer when the magazine editor Graydon Carter confirmed that he would be writing a piece about the actress there has been endless speculation as to what will be in the story.

Now we only have to wait for one more day to find out. The article will feature in the March Hollywood Issue – which is available to download as of tomorrow. In anticipation, Graydon has released part of his editor’s letter in which he refers to Gwyneth as being like Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in her attempts to stop the article being printed.

The pair even had a 20 minute phone conversation which Graydon describes here, ‘In October, Gwyneth called me. We talked for about 20 minutes about the story and her reaction, or over-reaction, to it. At one point, she asked my advice as to what to do to get the “haters” on her side. I suggested putting on 15 pounds. I joked that it works for me. She replied I had put on much more than that. Which I thought was fair and funny.’

Graydon Carter Releases His Editor's Letter About The Vanity Fair Gwyneth Paltrow 'Take Down'

Gwyneth Paltrow in Vanity Fair

Speaking of how it all started Graydon said, ‘The whole Vanity Fair-Gwyneth Paltrow brouhaha began innocently enough. We were reviewing assignments and batting around story ideas, and at one point I idly mentioned that I would be interested in reading something on Gwyneth Paltrow.’ Talking of how Gwyneth asked none of her friends to work with the magazine again he said, ‘Kim Jong-un couldn’t have issued a more blanket demand.’

After all this build up, we're imagining there'll be more than a few people hankering to get hold of a copy of Vanity Fair tomorrow. And hey, at least George Clooney sees the funny side...


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