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UPDATE: We continue to take our role as the unoffical Gone-Girl-watchers very seriously. Today's update comes in the form of a juicy new clip from the film, directed by David Fincher and based upon the global bestseller by Gillian Flynn. It sees Nick and Amy (played by Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike) meeting for the first time and it's just as spine-tingling as we'd hoped. We couldn’t be more excited about this movie if we tried! Want to read our verdict? Click here.

15 August 2014: Ben Affleck On How He Relates To Gone Girl Character

Our anticipation has gone into overdrive as Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike grace the cover of Entertainment Weekly portraying their characters in the upcoming film adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl.

Speaking to the magazine Ben drew parallels between his character Nick Dunne – who becomes the main suspect in his wife’s murder investigation- and that of his own life, he said  ‘It wasn’t something I had to do a lot of research for, I knew what it was like to have the tabloid world paying attention to me and ascribing negative motivations to whatever I might be engaging in. I knew what it was to be cast in a soap opera I had no control over.’

The film’s director, David Fincher, revealed why he cast the ‘ladies man’ stating ‘We knew we needed somebody who was charming and could be seductive, who could be a ladies man, a guy’s guy, a frat boy but most important, [someone] who had the wits and experience of knowing that situation. The gift of having Ben Affleck is that this is a guy who knows. He knows what a lose-lose situation is and understands what’s funny about it, however sad.’

04 August 2014: The New Gone Girl Poster Is Here - And It's Seriously Creepy

Trailer For Gone Girl Film: Author Gillian Flynn On What You Need To Know

The new Gone Girl poster has landed starring a troubled-looking Nick Dunne, played by a very broody Ben Affleck. A news bulletin flashes across the poster signalling that the search for 'Amazing Amy' continues and the chilling eyes of Nick's missing wife (played by Rosamund Pike) can be seen looming from above.

This is just the latest teaser that's landed in the lead up to the film's release on 3rd October - keep scrolling for more of your Gone Girl fix...

08 July 2014: There's A Spooky New Gone Girl Trailer

How well can you really know your partner? This is the question that the second trailer Gone Girl asks and it's enough to send shivers down our spine.

Ben Affleck plays Nick, a man suspected of murdering his wife, Amy (played by a frosty Rosamund Pike), and from what we've seen so far, it looks like the film stays true to the book brilliantly, packed with twists and turns and did-he didn't-he anticipation.

It also gives us the first glimpse of Amy's diaries, which the ethereal voiceovers adding an extra level of eeriness to all that tension. And Neil Patrick Harris as Amy's ex-boyfriend is introduced for the first time, looking seriously sinister. These are all very good signs for David Fincher's adaptation of the beloved novel.

15 April 2014: Gone Girl Author On What You Need To Know

Gone Girl Trailer: Author Gillian Flynn On What You Need To Know

Author Gillian Flynn

It's a literary sensation turned into a highly-anticipated film - and today, we've got the first look at the trailer for Gone Girl. The film stars Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike as characters Nick and Amy and is directed by David Fincher of Fight Club and The Social Network fame so we're expecting good things - and the first glimpse doesn't disappoint.

Ben is at his brooding best while Rosamund is perfect as the blonde ponytail-swishing wife who's gone missing. It plays out to the sound of Elvis Costello's song, 'She' (you know the one that opens Notting Hill) which makes it all the more sinister...

If you haven’t read Gone Girl yet (where have you been?), the story revolves around a married couple, Amy and Nick, who move from New York back to Nick’s hometown in Missouri after he loses his job as an entertainment journalist. On the morning of their fifth wedding anniversary, Amy mysteriously vanishes – and the secrets of their marriage begin to unravel. 

First released in 2012, the psychological thriller spent eight weeks at the top of the New York Times bestseller list. Oprah picked it as one of her favourite books of 2012 (always a surefire sign of a hit), Stephen King called her “the real deal”, and to date it’s sold over 2 million copies. So what is it about Gone Girl that has got everyone so obsessed? We spoke to the book's author Gillian Flynn about marriage, Hollywood and the dark side. Here's what we learned from the lady herself... 

Trailer For Gone Girl Film: Author Gillian Flynn On What You Need To Know

Reese Witherspoon made it happen

Yes! The actress bought the rights to the book and decided to turn it into a Hollywood movie with Gillian writing the screenplay. 'Reese was a champion very early on – before anyone had even heard of it,' Gillian tells us. And Reese herself has gushed over it, saying: 'It's one of those books you can't stop reading.'

Parts of the book reflect Gillian’s own life

The author was made redundant as a writer for US magazine Entertainment Weekly in 2008. 'I was probably the most lucky laid off writer from all the laid off writers I knew at the time,' she says. 'My first book was published and my second was about to be. But no one likes it. I loved my job.'

No-one saw the enormous juggernaut of Gone Girl coming

'When it hit number one it was the July 4th holiday,' Gillian says. 'My husband and I opened some champagne on the back porch and watched the fireworks. I thought ‘this is great.’' She's not wrong!

The book suggests we can never know someone completely – even our spouse

Gone Girl’s tagline is “there are two sides to every story”. Does Gillian – who recently celebrated her own 5th wedding anniversary –believe that? 'Absolutely,' she says. 'Not in a dark way, necessarily. But even if we’re in the same room, experiencing the same thing, we might have a different take on it. Thank God we don’t know everything about each other – we’d be really bored if we did.'

Gillian's fascination with the shadowy side of life started when she was a child

'I liked the darkest of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales – the ones where the children are baked in pies and eaten. When I’d play I always wanted to be the witch, not the princess. Even at that age people who were dark were more interesting to me,' she reveals.

She hasn’t ruled out a sequel to Gone Girl

'Nick and Amy are a really interesting couple – I think it would be fun to dip in on them in ten-years-time,' she tells us. And last year, Gillian signed a new two book deal. Stay tuned, people...

Gone Girl is released in cinemas in the UK and Ireland on 3rd October


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