Girls Trailer: 10 Things We're Looking Forward To In Series 2

03 December 2012 by

January may be the bleakest month of the year, but Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Soshanna promise to shed a little light at the end of your dark detox tunnel. If you enjoyed Girls series 1 as much as us you'll squeal with delight at the trailer for series 2 which returns to HBO in America on January 23. While the promo gives a lot away - Jessa's still married, Adam is taking his break up with Hannah BADLY and Soshanna is no longer a virgin - we still want to know a lot more.

Scroll through the gallery to see the top 10 things we're most looking forward to >>

1. Our favourite girls are back

They may not have the designer wardrobes of Carrie Bradshaw & co but Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Soshanna are way more in tune with our everyday problems. Crazy boyfriends, late periods, unstable careers, body issues - Lena Dunham tells it like it is and we love it.

2. Adam's lost it...

If you've ever secretly wanted an ex-boyfriend to obsess over you then Girls Series 2 might change your mind. In the trailer we see Hannah watching a YouTube video of Adam singing a song about how much she's hurt him and as she tells her college boyfriend Elijah 'This is what happens when you break up with a sociopath'.

3. Chris O'Dowd returns

Mr Dawn Porter reprises his role as Thomas-John, the husband of spontaneous style icon Jessa Johansson. The couple wed hastily at the end of last series so queue hilarity as they get to know each other.

4. There's a little dog

Thought to be a gift from Thomas-John to Jessa, Hannah is the last person we imagined holding a Chiwawa.

5. Charlie has a beard!

In series 1 Marnie dumped Charlie for being a bit of a sap, but could she change her mind now he's grown some facial hair?

6. Rita Wilson makes a cameo

Mrs Tom Hanks is the perfect choice to play Marnie's mum. In the trailer she suggests that her daughter is aging too quickly so we're preparing ourselves for plenty of nit-picking.

7. Hannah's looking for a new man

Or a few new men if the trailer is anything to go by. Despite unfinished business with Adam our protagonist declares that now she has some space she can go looking 'for a kind, sexy, responsible boyfriend'.

8. Hannah wears a string vest

Feeling empowered Hannah says to her best friend Marnie 'I'm an individual - and I feel how i feel when i feel it'. And apparently she wears what she wants to wear when she wants to wear it.

9. Jessa's still effortlessly cool

As she tells Hannah 'Life is never going to get better than this for you' - Jess is definitely one to live in the moment. Now a married woman, it will be interesting to see how her unpredictable character develops.

10. Soshanna is deflowered...

...But not devalued. In fact it looks like she's started dating Charlie's friend Ray.


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