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#GirlsNight: As The Show Returns, Let’s Recap Where We Left Off

In a flurry of photoshopped controversy, Girls is back tonight on Sky Atlantic. If you're anything like us, you'll need a handy catch up. Here’s where we left them at the end of Season Two….

The 'Girls' Are Back! Here’s A Recap Of Where We Left Them Last Time

Welcome back, ladies [Girls]

1. Adam saved Hannah from her meltdown

She was suffering from a massive anxiety attack and OCD-led meltdown propelled by the pressure to deliver on her e-book/ the sudden departure of Jesa/her fight with Marnie and her breakup with Adam. Cue sudden, drastic Carey Mulligan inspired haircut. But wait, here comes Adam to scoop her up and save the day in a very Richard Curtis like final scene. Relive it below...

2. Shoshanna dumped Ray

Shoshanna seemingly took control of things and broke up with the increasingly negative Ray with the out of character eloquently surmised statement: “I can’t be surrounded by your negatively while I’m trying to grow into a fully formed human.” She then proceeded to live out her Sex And The City dream with aplomb. Poor old Ray.

3. Jessa, err, disappeared

Well. Your guess is as good as ours. After her short-lived marriage and an ill-fated trip to her parents, she ditched Hannah in Hicksville, USA. Where could she have gone? To return to the person we first saw in the first season, the bon viveur and seasoned traveller? Will we find her in Bali, in Amsterdam or beyond? We’ll find out tonight!

Girls, Season 2 Recap: Season 3 Begins On Sky Atlantic UK

4. Marnie won Charlie back

After hot pursuit of her suddenly well to do ex-boyfriend Charlie, Marnie confronts him with a horrific cover of Kanye West’s Stronger and the two dramatically rekindle their love. Then Marnie comments that she wants to have his “brown babies”. Happy endings all round. Right?

The 'Girls' Are Back! Here’s Where We Left Them In Series 2

Girls is on Sky Atlantic at 10pm tonight


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