Girls Is Back! 6 Reasons Why We Loved The First Episode Of Series 2

15 January 2013 by

Last night, less than 24 hours after it picked up two Golden Globe awards, Girls returned to our screens for a second season. Hurrah! On a freezing cold day, we've never been more grateful for an excuse to stay on the sofa. And the return of Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna and Jessa was definitely that. Here’s why we loved it...

1. Shoshanna

Now, we love Lena Dunham, you love Lena Dunham, the Golden Globes loves Lena Dunham. That’s not in question. BUT, when it comes to the characters in the show, Shoshanna  (played by Zosia Mamet) is fast emerging as our favourite.  Mainly for lines like this about her hymen… “I wouldn’t say I miss it, but there’s definitely something missing.” Also for her hate-filled karaoke version of Sean Kingston’s Beautiful Girl.

2. Hannah’s new BFF

Season 1 began with Hannah asleep next to Marnie - Season 2 opens with Hannah waking up to Elijah: her gay ex-boyfriend, and now roommate/BFF. They’ve put the whole “you gave me HPV thing” behind them and are closer than ever – sharing sex stories and planning parties together. It almost seems too good to be true. But for now, we’re loving Hannah and Elijah. Or Halijah, as we’ve named them. No? Ok, then.

3. The evolution of Marnie

In season one she was the golden girl with the perfect boyfriend (too perfect, in the end), a great first job in an art gallery and Kate Middleton-esque hair. Now, it’s Hannah with the boyfriend and the job – while Marnie is single, unemployed and sleeping with gay men. Harsh. But it’s made her more relatable, and set her up for some brilliant storylines. Oh, and her hair is still nice.

4. Lena loves Solange too!

Our favourite TV show + our favourite song of last year = total amazingness. Lena Dunham has tweeted about her love for Solange Knowles, and demonstrated it by having Losing You playing at Hannah and Elijah’s party in last night’s episode. The girl crush is mutual, too – Solange attended the premiere of Girls in New York last week.

5. Emojis are great

Shoshanna finally lost her cherry to Ray in the season one finale – but things havening been so rosy between them since. He mainly seems to have an issue with her use of emoticons. “A panda, next to a gun, next to a wrapped gift. It makes no sense,” he says. “What is wrong with emojis?” she retorts. You tell him, Shosh.

6. Hannah has a new boyfriend

So, last season Lena got criticised for the absence of any black characters. Five minutes into Season two and Hannah in bed with her new boyfriend, a black Republican called Sandy – played by Donald Glover. Coincidence – or a direct response to her detractors? A bit of both, it turns out. “We always wanted to work with Donald,” she told Vulture recently. “He’s the cutest and the funniest, and why wouldn’t you want to kiss him on TV? But when we shot that scene, there was both a feeling that it was the appropriate place for the character to be and a sense that it would, for people who had been paying attention to the backlash, at least evoke some sense that we were in a dialogue with our audience. It definitely wasn’t a “Fuck you, haters!” That’s not really how I tend to roll my game.”

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