Girls Guide: The Most Quotable Quotes From Series 3 Episode 5

11 February 2014 by

GALLERY>> Top 8 Quotes From Season 3 Episode 5

Marnie to kitten: ‘You’re my best friend.’

Jennifer Westfeldt: 'A lot of people think it. A lot of people think he was gay. And you know, he was sometimes.'

Hannah: 'So my book is dead? Do you happen to know another publisher that I could slip the manuscript ot if I do decide I want to keep it alive?'

Jennifer Westfeldt: 'If I did give you another book agent’s name, would you get the fuck out of here?'

Shosh to Jessa: 'If you're serious about improving yourself. You need to do more than just smoke Dorff-cigarettes. You need to grocery shop and condition your hair, even though it does so well with natural oils.'

Hannah: 'I have watched enough 'Dr. Phil' and 'Intervention' to know you can work anything out, if you just talk about it.'

Hannah on her brand: 'Well I'm from the Midwest, so I will always be 15 to 45 pounds overweight depending on how far I live from the coast. [The] further I am from the coast, the fatter I am.'

'Go f*** yourself, like I'd advertise this.'

Caroline: 'Listen you wrote all of these wonderful stories, and now you know that you can do it. You just have to write a whole new bunch of wonderful stories, that's all!"

Hannah: 'Blech! A whole new bunch of wonderful stories?! My whole life was in that book! Everything that's ever happened to me! OK, the hand job kidney stone, the time I fell asleep on a pile of pizza boxes, when I made out with the Cuban refugee, and the thing with the glitter pens...all of it's in there! And now what am I gonna do, live another 25 years just to create a body of work that matches the one that they stole from me? What if nothing happens in the next 25 years? What if I'm still living in this apartment wondering if there's asbestos? What will I write about then? Why are they doing this to me?!'

Wish you could quote Girls on demand? Well you're in luck as each week we will bring you the most quotable quotes from the latest episode. Over here in the UK we're now up to series 3 episode 5. It opens with Hannah and Adam at David's funeral, which brings us the cameo of the episode. Jennifer Westfeldt plays David's widow, who has to deal with Hannah asking her about how to bring her 'dead book' back to life. Once again, Hannah is selfish.

The most shocking thing about the episode is when Marnie sleeps with Ray. Repeat after us: W... T.. F! The star of the episode was Marnie's kitten, who she inherited from a teenager who was giving away kittens from his backpack.

Hannah's solution to Caroline and Adam's fighting is to play Dr Phil. She says: 'I have watched enough 'Dr. Phil' and 'Intervention' to know you can work anything out, if you just talk about it.' This is Hannah Horvath, so of course this mainly involves them both telling Hannah they love her.

Take a look through the gallery above to see the best quotes from Season 3 episode 5...


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