Get Ready For The Reveal-All Documentary On The Primrose Hill Set - Here's 10 Things We Hope We'll Find Out

11 June 2013 by

Get Ready For The Reveal-All Documentary On The Primrose Hill Set - Here's 10 Things We Hope We'll Find Out

Brace yourself people, the '90s are back. Mary Davidson, mother of Sadie Frost and nanny to Kate Moss's 10-year-old daughter Lila Grace is set to front a new documentary that's slated to be a behind the scenes look at life in the trendy North London area of Primrose Hill.

The area was famed for playing host to the debauched Primrose Hill Set in the late '90s that consisted of, among others, Kate Moss, Rhy Ifans, Jonny Lee Miller, Sadie Frost, Davinia Taylor, Meg Matthews, Jude Law and the Gallagher brothers. Sounds like good viewing eh? Even better, the show has got Kate's blessing! Although it remains to be seen what, if any, part she'll play in the actual show.

Sadie Frost, Pearl Lowe and celebrity photographer Debbi Clark have all been asked to get involved in the Channel 4 film and Debbi's promised it'll be worth a watch saying, "It's going to be interesting and possibly raunchy viewing - mind you, now that we are older and mothers, we’ve become boring and sensible." We're almost 100% sure that can't possibly be true Debbi.

Here's 10 things we hope the documentary is going to lift the lid on...

1. What Sort Of Things Those Crazy Cats Got Up To In Noel Gallagher's Famous House Supernova Heights

Tea, knitting and flower arranging - right? Riiight.

 Animated Gif on Giphy

2. How Jude Law Wooed Sadie Frost

Be still our beating hearts.

 Animated Gif on Giphy

3. If Having Kids Changed Their Decadent Lifestyles

Because we can imagine baby food and Chanel mix most marvellously.

 Animated Gif on Giphy

4. Why Noel Couldn't Smile Seriously For One Picture, Like Ever

Yep, that's his wedding photo on the left. Nice one Noel.

5. How Big Kate Moss's Wardrobe Is

Because 25 years of modelling designer garb equals more clobber than one cupboard can hold. It's maths.

Cher Clueless Wardrobe

6. Whether Davinia Taylor Will Ever Return To The Group

The actress reportedly cut off ties for reasons relating to her addictions. How about a nice cup o' tea with the gals instead?

davinia taylor kate moss

7. If Rhys Ifans Ever Really Was A Harmless Loveable Rogue

Because something tells up he wasn't quite as adorably vanilla as Spike in Notting Hill

8. Whether Pearl Lowe And Danny Goffey Miss The City After Moving To Their Countryside Idyll

The Groucho or lots and lots of mud? Tough choice.

Mud jump fail

9. Whether There'll Be Any More Big Reunion Bashes Like THIS

Fran Cutler's debaucherous 50th at The Box had us blasting Blur and cracking out the champagne. More please ladies!

10. Just What Was In Jade Davidson's Manual

Reportedly written by Sadie Frost's little sister Jade after she gave up Kate Moss nanny duties to her mother Mary. Supposedly includes how to deal with all night parties... We want a copy please!

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