Game Of Thrones: Top 5 Most Shocking Moments Of Series Four

16 June 2014 by

** Spoiler Alert **

If like us, your life has been utterly consumed by Game of Thrones, Series 4 for the past two months, then you’ll be in absolute pieces about the finale tonight. Will Jon Snow make it back from his undercover mission to kill Mance Rayder? Can Tyrion escape execution for Joffrey’s murder? Will Stannis Baratheon make it across the sea? And what will become of Arya and the Hound? All will be revealed tonight. In the meantime we take a look back at the five most shocking plotlines of the series so far…

1. Evil King Joffrey Is Poisoned

There were cheers of joy in households around the world when evil teenage King Joffrey was poisoned on his wedding day. Having spent the day tormenting his ‘imp’ uncle Tyrion Lannister by putting on a play with dwarves, publicly mocking him and his wife Sansa, and forcing him to serve him wine before pouring it over his head, he meets his grizzly end during his wedding feast.

2. A Baby Is Turned Into A White Walker

Until episode four no light had been shed on why Craster sacrifices his newborn sons to the absolutely terrifying White Walkers. It all became clear in episode four when his last newborn was taken by a White Walker to a secret ritual site in the snow where another one appears, touches the baby’s face and his eyes turn blue thus turning him into one of them. Scary stuff.

3. Ygritte Dies In Jon's Arms

If we’re honest with ourselves it was inevitable that Ygritte or Jon (or both) would die when Mance Rayder’s army and the Thenns attacked Castle Black. Nevertheless, it was still absolutely heart-breaking when the star-crossed lovers finally came face to face again during the battle, only for her to be fatally shot by the youngest Night’s Watch recruit, Olly. And of course, the last words she uttered were, ‘You know nothing Jon Snow.’ Sob.

4. Shae Betrays Tyrion

We’re still reeling from this. How could she! After ending his relationship with Shae in episode two to protect her from his family, she turns up again at his trial for Joffrey’s murder and gives a false testimony implicating him in the crime. Poor Tyrion is absolutely devastated, and in his anger at Shae’s betrayal he demands a trial by combat.

5. Prince Oberyn Meets A Very Grizzly End

Our respect for the handsome Dornish prince went up many notches when he offered to be Tyrion’s champion in his trial by combat against the terrifying Gregor Clegane. His plan was to avenge his sister’s brutal murder by Gregor. In the now infamous gruesome eighth episode, The Mountain and the Viper, you think that Prince Oberyn has won when he stabs Gregor in the chest and demands he confesses to his sister’s murder as he lies dying. He shouts, ‘You murdered her. You killed her children. Say it now and we can make this quick.’ However in a sad twist which caused uproar with viewers, as Oberyn towers over Gregor, he flips over and kills the Dornish prince by gouging his eyes out and exploding his head. Not pretty and very sad. What’s more it leads to Tyrion being sentenced to death for regicide.

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