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14 October 2013 by

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There’s a new gold rush in town. For years the trend - inspired by the original iPhone - has been for smartphones to be subtle, sleek black numbers. But these times they are a-changin’. We’re sick of austerity, financial crises and credit crunches. Glitter is good again, and when it comes to the smartphone market the bling is most definitely back. Here are five newly announced smartphones that confirm we really are entering the golden age of tech.

1. The iPhone 5s in ‘Champagne Gold’

The new iPhone boasts many things. A new operating system. A fingerprint sensor.  A much improved camera. It’s all quite exciting. But the change that has most caught our eye (and the eye of Apple’s competitors), however, is the long-overdue option to offer a colour other than plain old white or black. What makes it even better is that colour isn’t just, you know, blue, or something. It’s GOLD. Glittering, shiny ‘champagne’ gold. A gold iPhone. If you’re still sporting the white model by the new year you need to have a serious look in the mirror.

 £535 - Apple Store

2. Gold Samsung Galaxy S4

Never ones to let their Californian rivals score a point, Samsung beat Apple to the punch by a couple of weeks when they announced their own gold version of their flagship phone the S4. Not that they’re, you know, bothered or anything. The Gold coloured S4 looks suitably stylish, and is the perfect purchase for any Android fans looking to get one over on their iPhone sporting mates. Or at least it would be, if it was available in the UK. Currently it’s only available to Samsung fans in the Gulf region. Good for them.

3. Gold HTC One

Of course, all that glitters is not gold, and anyone can slap on a shiny paint job to catch the eye. What makes a phone really luxurious is the real deal. HTC announced this week that they have made a version of their flagship phone, the HTC one, made of actual gold. Valued at £2,750, it’s the most expensive smartphone HTC have ever created. Boasting 18 carat plating, it’s been made to commemorate the upcoming 18th anniversary of the MOBO awards, where a handset will be presented to the winner of the Best Newcomer Award. Lucky them.

And if you’ve got a spare three grand and fancy getting your hands on one of these bad boys, well, you’re out of luck. HTC only have plans to make five of the beauties, meaning it’s not only their most expensive handset, but also their most exclusive. Never mind, I’m sure you can find something else to spend your money on. Like a new car.

4. Vertu Constellation

Ok, so we’re cheating a bit with this one. The Constellation isn’t technically gold, it’s just so darn expensive that it might as well be. The latest in Vertu’s line in luxury smartphones, each is handmade in Hampshire and boasts a calf-skin leather back, titanium case and ringtones recorded specially by the London Symphony Orchestra. If that’s not enough for the discerning oligarch or Viscount, it also comes with a concierge button that gives you instant access to VIP parties and special offers. The tech-spec is pretty average for the modern market, but who cares? You’re shelling out £4000 for the fashion statement, not the phone, right?

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5. Jardin Secret - Black Insane

What’s that you say? The Vertu isn’t fancy enough for you? Four grand isn’t quite enough for you to spend on a gadget that most people would only shell out a few hundred quid for? Ah, then step this way, madame. We’ve got just the thing. Jardin Secret is the first luxury smartphones collection from jewellery house Savelli Genéve.  The top of the range Black Insane model is made from 18-carat white gold set with 75 Baguette-cut white diamonds (7.88 carats) and will set you back a cool £98,000. Bargain. Might as well get two.

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