From Saved By The Bell To Gladiators, The TV Shows Grazia Grew Up Watching

11 April 2013 by

When #igrewupwatching trended on twitter this morning, it kick started much reminiscing in the Grazia office about our favourite childhood TV shows. It turns out everyone was obsessed with Saved By The Bell, there was a surprising about of love for Drew from Neighbours - and weirdly, no one mentioned Press Gang. Here's our favourites - let us know yours. 


'Neighbours was an established part of my post school routine. I was captivated by Billy Kennedy’s youthful good looks, Lou’s age inappropriate relationship with Annalise Hartmann and Harold Bishop’s chin(s). When Karl and Susan Kennedy’s marriage broke up, it could have been my own family falling apart. Sort of.'

Rosie Kinchen, acting news features editor


Buffy The Vampire Slayer

'I grew up on a diet of Nickelodeon TV shows like Sister Sister and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. But it wasn't until a certain ass-kicking, vampire slaying teenager called Buffy hit the small screen in 1997 that I truly learnt the meaning of 'must-view TV'. I've since received the box set on DVD as a welcome Christmas gift and every now and again, usually on a hungover Sunday afternoon, I revisit Sunnydale High School and try and answer the age-old question: Angel or Spike?'

Julia Fernandez, community editor


Sabrina The Teenage Witch

'Mine was Sabrina The Teenage Witch – Nickelodeon would often play back to back episodes on a Sunday so my brother and I would race home from church and plonk ourselves down in front of the tv. Where to start on its awesomeness? The fact that Sabrina couldn’t conjure brand named goods when casting a spell if she wanted a pepsi or rollerblades.  Her talking cat Salem was a warlock who’d been sentenced to life as a cat for trying to take over the world – the original Stewie Griffin. And Paul Feig, director of Bridesmaids, who was her Biology teacher.'

Jo Duckworth, news and entertainment assistant


Saved By The Bell

'Saved By The Bell because the boys were hot, the girls were cool, the theme tune was awesome and Mr Belding and Screech were the best double act ever. Even better knowing the career that Screech aka Dustin Diamond has gone on to have…. google it.'

Lottie Lumsden, assistant news editor

'I grew up watching Saved By The Bell. And now our intern Josh dresses just like Zac Morris, which brings me right back. I also was a huge Sweet Valley High fan. Kelly’s big hair is still my volume-inspiration today.'

Caroline Ferry, Fashion Assistant


That's So Raven

'Long before the days of Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez prancing around our screens, there was one Disney show that actually had a bit of an edge - That's So Raven. Throughout my tween years (and my earlier teens) I was totally glued to Raven's hilariously OTT antics set a high school in sunny San Fran. Whether it was her crazy physic visions or her kooky best mate Chelsea messing everything up- Raven was the show that everyone was watching.'

Trudi Gibson, intern


Bernard's Watch

'Forget being invisible, all I wanted was a time-stopping watch like Bernard Beasley of 'Bernard's Watch'. He was fluffy of hair, had an impressive array of stripy jumpers and owned a watch that could freeze time. How amazing?! I spent many an hour imagining I could press pause in the middle of an exam or have extra hours watching TV instead of doing homework. There's even a Facebook fan page dedicated to Bernard's watch - and no, it wasn't me who set it up.'

Jessica Vince, web editor



'Every Saturday night, around 6pm, my family would gather in the living room and turn on the TV. Mum on the sofa, Dad in his chair, the dog snuggled on a blanket. On the TV, the familiar sound of the Gladiators theme song. Five-year-old me? I was racing up the stairs to grab my best crop top and cycling shorts, and brushing my long hair for maximum swish-ability. Back downstairs, I’d then stand poised on the pouffe ready for when my hero, Jet, arrived on screen. Much to my parents’ delight, I then spent the entire programme proving I was dead good at being actual Jet and using their furniture – and numerous dramatic hair flicks – to demonstrate.'

Zoe Beaty, senior feature writer



'As a child I fancied myself as a budding Picasso, so Hartbeat - presented by Tony Hart - was the highlight of my TV week. But excitement would soon turn to disappointment as I watched The Gallery and realised that, once again, my picture hadn't been selected. Still, at least there was Morph to cheer me up.'

Clare Thorp, Grazia contributor




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