From Drazic To Dean Cain: Check Out 12 Unexpected Crushes From Our Youth

04 April 2013 by

A propos of nothing, Grazia's editorial team spent the best part of this morning discussing who we fancied growing up. Given it's a four day week and a lot of our news came in late, we're not really sure how we found the time. And yet we did. And, turns out, we didn't fancy Keanu Reeves as much as we remember. Here are 12 crushes from our various youths...

From Drazic To Dean Cain: Check Out 12 (Unexpected) Crushes From Our Youth

Drazic (Callan Mulvey)

I’m from the westcountry (bite me) so naturally, I was drawn to men who excelled at skateboarding, were a bit lazy and aspired to live in warehouses. Hiya, then, Drazik from Heartbreak High. Obviously I’d run a mile from anyone who still a. had a pierced eyebrow or b. wore an extensive raft of bead chokers, but a recent Google suggests you could still cut cheese on those cheekbones. I’m pretty confident there’s a Youtube clip showing just that. And as for Anita, jog on love.

Morwenna Ferrier, features and culture editor

50 Cent

I spent the beginning of this millennium re-imagining myself as a hip-hop princess, and my perfect hip-hop prince was none other than 50 Cent. I had his poster on my wall and took myself off to the Birmingham NEC to see his Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ tour where I definitely bought a bandanna which I wore to hockey practice at my lovely middle class school the next day. Irony abounds. 50 Cent still raps and reportedly has an album out this year. I imagine he is also seriously loaded.

Jess Commons, editorial assistant

David Charvet

The curtains, the six pack, the dreamy blue eyes. Middle aged men may have tuned into Baywatch for Pamela Anderson but for me it was all about the Matt Brodey slow-mo sequences. My room was covered in posters of him clutching his red life float and staring it moodily into the distance. The love affair ended circa 1996 Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet came out and Leo stole his crown. Love is cruel.

Rosie Kinchen, acting news features editor

Brandon Boyd

My genuine noughties crush (and what all of my grunger/skater girl teenage fantasies were about) would be Brandon Boyd – lead singer of Incubus - and how one day he would find me, and marry me, and sing sweet songs to me. Especially the one track I would play on repeat day and night, Drive, from the album Make Yourself.

Hannah Almassi, deputy fashion news and features editor

Stephen Dorff

Like most teenagers I was infatuated with a boy band…except mine was er, The Beatles. I was obsessed with the film Backbeat (about original Beatle Stuart Sutcliffe) and in turn its star Stephen Dorff. A ‘friend’ may even have written to his fan club on my behalf and that ‘friend’ might have received a signed photo. But I would never have been blonde or buxom enough for Stephen…this is the man who went on to go out with Pamela Anderson and appear in a Britney Spears video. And when I found out he was four inches shorter than me, the love affair was officially over.

Clare Thorp, Grazia contributor


Alex Sibley (Big Brother 3)

It was his game of ‘follow the van’ that sealed the deal. In the summer of 2002 and for a good 12 months afterwards I was utterly obsessed with Alex Sibley from Big Brother 3. I didn’t care about his puny voice or mean, bitchy ways, I was besotted. As an aspiring showbiz journalist I attended a film premiere where he – along with Jude Law and Tom Hanks were present. I didn’t care about Tom or Jude, just Alex. He was wearing such a sexy leather jacket. I of course couldn’t speak to him, so instead be-friended his Big Brother housemate (and ‘Follow the Van’ cohort) Kate Lawler. I still have her number. Oh dear.

Emily Maddick, news editor

Jake from California Dreams (Jay Anthony Franke)

It may not have been as well known in the UK, but California Dreams was like Saved By The Bell with surfers and musicians instead of jocks and cheerleaders. Me and my best friend quite regularly had discussions about who we'd most like to be, Kelly Kapowski from SBTB or Tiffani Smith from California Dreams. And while Kelly had cocky cutie Zack Morris, Tiffany dated leather jacket wearing, motorbike riding, and guitar playing badass Jake Sommers. These days actor Jay Anthony Franke has some TERRIBLE facial hair and was last seen heard voicing characters in computer games. The California Dream is over.

Julia Fernandez, community editor


Paul Nicholls

Watching him in The Biz spurred me to audition for Sylvia Young (with the hope of becoming an actress, meeting him and falling in love). I even fancied him when he went crazy and wore that hat made of tin foil in Eastenders. If I’m perfectly honest, I still would. 

Olivia Foster, senior news reporter


Dean Cain

I’ve loved Superman since the day I got my first typewriter and bob haircut aged 5 and vowed to be Lois Lane so I could bag my very own man in tights. But his use of hairgel in the ITV spin-off The New Adventures of Superman was exceptional. He recently popped up in three episodes of the sitcom Don’t Trust the B—in Apartment 23 alongside Dawson James Van Der Beek.

Jo Duckworth, entertainment and news writer

Pacey Witter (Joshua Jackson)

Forget Dawson (what a wimp), Pacey totally stole the show - and my teenage heart. He was sweet, funny, owned a boat and had an impressive collection of printed shirts, ie: my dream man. Despite having a slightly squashy face. This is in part why I'm so enthralled with Diane Kruger who is now living my teen dream come true. Grr.

Jessica Vince, digital editor

Todd from Neighbours

I was in love with Todd from Neighbours played by Kristian Schmid. I was about 11 years old at the time. I cried when he died in Neighbours. And then one day about a year later I was with my mum at our local supermarket and he was in there randomly. But I was too scared to go ask for his autograph. Biggest regret. Kristian is now 38 and played a main role in TV series Sea Patrol :(

Lottie Lumsden, deputy news editor

Oh, and a special shout out to Som from My Vitriol too. Fit.



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