Forget Normcore Fashion. What's Normcore Eating?

06 March 2014 by

While some of you were swanning round Chanel hypermarche with your waists out last week, some of us have been swanning around Tesco in Normcore.

Normcore is A New-ish Trend in fashion, formed from two words - normal and core - sandwiched together, to create A Thing. But what a thing. Essentially, it’s anti-fashion fashion. Lots of fleeces, non-branded denim, you know, really plain stuff that you wear when you have nothing left to wear. Stuff that's so normal it's now cool. As guidance, here are some buzzwords which have filtered through various media outlets: mainstream minimalism, off-brand and plain-game.  

The last time I did normcore, it was purely accidental. I wore a plain Gap t-shirt and some plain Lee jeans but I’ve forgotten exactly what colour and style they were because the look was normcore. That’s the beauty of normcore.

Normcore has some curious bedfellows. Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David, some dads. Women-wise, it’s harder to nail down a muse because the women we see and like on Insta tend to be more on point. Maybe Mel and Sue on GBBO? What Adele wears to buy milk? Still, its journey from word to thing has been pretty quick: ‘normcore’ was coined by a trend-forecasting agency, before becoming a thing in New York, then New York magazine, to being The Next Big Thing, hilariously, just as fashion month wrapped up. It even has its own street style vibe – mostly, via complete strangers on Google Streetview.

But normcore isn’t for everyone. Some people even find the term derogatory. It's also everywhere.

So here are three examples of normcore which don’t involve clothes:

1. Normcore Clubbing

Cara Delevingne turned up at Chinawhite, London with Les Twins (translation: The Twins) last night which should have made it cool. Oddly it didn’t. Along with the World, I turned up here in about 2003. I probably wore some non-branded jeans and something chenille. It was so I couldn’t tell you what I drank or even where the loo was, but I had quite a good night.

2. Normcore Eating

I like to cut loose at lunch but a lot of us don’t. Some of us like To Live The Cliché and go to M&S queue in the weirdly fast queue, squeeze everything into the small bags because they’re free and have an M&S prawn mayo sandwich at about Fair play, they’re good and reasonably priced. But they’re something so normal about perennial bestseller, prawn mayo, that is so normcore, it’s come full circle.

3. Normcore Music

A disclaimer: the following music might be normcore but that doesn’t make it bad. A lot of Normcore or, I suppose, modern MOR, is good, just normal. Progressive normcores probably listen to Bastille. Normal normcores listen to Ellie Goulding. And secret normcores listen to Chris Rea. Don’t ask me why, they just do.



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