Sounds Like The S Club 7 Reunion Is ON! Here's 5 Reasons Why We're Excited

18 July 2014 by

Sounds Like The S Club 7 Reunion Is ON! Here's 5 Reasons Why We're Getting Excited

S Club 7 in the hey day [Getty]

S Club 7 are* back, just like every other early noughties band that we half forgot existed (sorry, Blue). Rumours have been circling for a while but today Hannah Spearritt sent Twitter into a frenzy when she shared a snap of the band from back in the day [below] along with the caption, 'See y'all tomorrow S's!' Ooh.

Are you excited? You should be. Here are five things to look forward to when S Club announce their inevitable reunion TV show/ album/ scented bubble bath. Look, we were going to do seven but we REALLY struggled...

1. We might get another series of Miami 7

Although, we’re guessing the reunion budget might not stretch to filming in America. Blackpool Seven? Could work.

2. We could finally hear Tina sing

The first time round, the band was basically Jo O'Meara and her six back-up singers. Now, we reckon it’s Tina’s time to step into the spotlight and show us what she’s got. Unless, that is, there was a very good reason for her mic never being turned on…

3. They were trailblazers (literally)

Long before Louis and Zayn from 1D got busted smoking a ‘suspicious cigarette’, S Club’s Bradley, Paul and John were cautioned after getting caught smoking a spliff in Covent Garden. Covent Garden seems like a particularly conspicuous place for a drugs bust doesn’t it? They were probably waiting for John to finish his tap class at Pineapple Dance Studios.

4. Rachel Stevens was a very underrated pop star

Obviously not by FHM, who put her on their cover at least 45 times a year – but to the world at large, Rachel was a sorely under-appreciated pop powerhouse. Sweet Dreams My LA Ex (originally intended for Britney as a come-back to Cry Me a River) was an absolute tune, and we still listen to Some Girls at least three times a year. Maybe an S Club reunion could catapult Rach back to her rightful place in the mid-top-end of the charts.

5. Perhaps we’ll finally solve the mystery of what the ‘S’ stands for

Super? Smashing? Splendid? Fill us in, guys!

*Reportedly, possibly.


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