Our 5 Burning Questions After Watching THAT One Direction Video

28 May 2014 by

We always imagined that One Direction spent their down time cuddling puppies and plaiting Harry’s hair, but it turns out that at least two of the band are less squeaky clean than we’ve been led to believe. Shocker! In a video leaked today, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson are shown smoking a joint on their way to a concert in Peru in April - leaving us with five burning (literally) questions:

1. Is this their first drug-related scandal?

Not quite. Back in June 2013, Louis and Zayn were pictured smoking a suspicious looking roll-up on a yacht in Miami. While there was no evidence that they were dabbling in anything illegal, concerned fans took to Twitter to express their dismay, with one writing: 'My reaction to Zayn and Louis apparently “Smoking Pot” #Disappointed #Upset #SayNoToDrugs.'

2. Have they actually broken the law?

Despite Louis excitedly exclaiming, ‘That’s the police. That’s the po po. One-nil’, the boys weren’t actually breaking the law. In Peru, possession of marijuana is not punishable if used for personal and immediate consumption in quantities not exceeding eight grams. Also, ‘the po po’ that Louis refers to are actually the band’s police escorts, so it’s not quite the high speed chase that his gangster chat would imply. We have a feeling someone’s been playing too many video games. Bless.

3. Will it stop them traveling to America?

This is where things get slightly murkier, as U.S. authorities are notoriously hardline when it comes to drug offences – and celebrities don’t come in for softer treatment. Nigella Lawson was barred from entering the States after she admitted drug use during a court trial last year, despite never having been convicted of an offense.

4. Are 1D about to release a ‘sick book’ like Kid Rock?

In the video, Zayn describes 1D’s last book as ‘so girly and not cool’, before rhapsodising about a Kid Rock book that was ‘full of sick pictures…sick s*** instead of boring c***’. Does this mean that we’re about to see an edgier side to the boys in print? Probably not, no. In fact, we imagine they’re both getting their bum bums smacked by Simon Cowell right this second.

5. Who leaked the video?

It’s unclear how the video made its way online, but it seems to have been filmed on Louis’ phone. In the footage he speculates, 'I'm just wondering now…will this come back to me? Who knows. Maybe, maybe not.' Now there’s one question we can answer with a definitive YES.



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