Douglas Booth Makes A Dreamy Romeo And Other Things We've Learned From The New Romeo And Juliet Trailer

15 April 2013 by

We've got our hands on the first trailer of the highly anticipated Romeo & Juliet and first things first, Douglas Booth is just as dreamy as we'd predicted. Oscar winning screenwriter Julian Fellowes of Downton Abbey has made a much more traditional version of the Shakespearean tale than Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet which was set in the '90s starring a certain Leonardo DiCaprio - so how does this one measure up?

Well, the trailer neatly kicks off with the last line of the play 'For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo' to set the sombre scene. In the remaining 2.30 minutes we get to see a lot of sword fighting, Ed Westwick's new long locks (Professor Snape much?) and a tres romantic sunset. The film looks breathtakingly beautiful and was shot on location in the Renaissance towns of Verona and Mantova rather than using sets. Nice!

The trailer also includes some impressive crying faces because, let's be honest, with a script that's 400 or so years old, you don't have to worry about spoilers. We will also be downloading the soundtrack 'Skin' by Zola Jesus immediately. Here's what else we're loving...

1. Romeo, Romeo, how are you SO hot Romeo?

2. Doug's Juliet Hailee Steinfeld was just 15 when filming

You might notice that Doug's Juliet Hailee Steinfeld looks very young, as she was just 15 years old during filming. She was chosen to be close to the age of Juliet who is 14. So, what was it like having to feign a great romance with a teenager? Douglas Booth said to Grazia about the age gap (he was 19 when filming): ‘She’s such a natural actress for her age, but while I don’t mean to patronise her at all she was just 15 when shooting.'

3. There will be lots of shots up to grand ceilings

4. Even more masquerade balls than an episode of Gossip Girl

5. What's in a haircut? Ed Westwick is channeling Professor Snape

6. Meanwhile Damian Lewis has had his locks chopped off

7. Ed Westwick and Douglas Booth play with swords

Douglas Booth said to Grazia about the sword fights: ‘I kept splitting my crotch jumping on and off horses and when I was having a sword fight with Ed Westwick, I slipped and wrenched my shoulder as I hit the floor. Suddenly everyone – producers, insurers, paramedics - swarmed round thinking I wasn’t going to get up again. But after an ice pack and some paracetamol, I had to keep fighting.’

8. Doug and Hails manage to hold hands while horse riding

Romeo & Juliet is in cinemas from July 26


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