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Katy Perry's Got A New Single Called Roar. Listen To It Here!

Hold the phone! Katy Perry's back with a new single and something tells us the pop star is fed up with her cutesy butter-wouldn't-melt image...

 Katy Perry's Got A New Single! It's Called Roar And You Can Listen To It Here

Last week, we were drip-fed a number of teaser trailers for Roar. One which involved Katy - dressed like a goth - setting fire to her now famous blue wig and another which featured a coffin covered in pink pinwheels being lowered into the ground while two purple-wigged girls cry and Katy, in goth clothes again (we're sensing a theme here), looks on with a knowing grin. Reading between the lines of this super-deep imagery, we're guessing Katy is ready to enter a new phase of her pop career.

And while the tune is still pure pop, Roar's lyrics tell a different story - one that proves that Katy's gone and got herself a bit of an edge. "You held me down, but I got up/ Already brushing off the dust/ You hear my voice, your hear that sound/ Like thunder, gonna shake your ground," certainly sounds a little bit different to the lols of Last Friday Night or the summery intonations of California Gurls

We're also detecting a little bit of fighting talk from the singer. "I let you push me past the breaking point/ I stood for nothing, so I fell for everything." We're no experts but it sounds like Katy might be feeling a little bit of resentment towards a certain someone (who could it possibly be??). We're guessing Russell Brand might think twice before speaking publically about his marriage to Katy again! 


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Katty Davenport (Sun Aug 11 21:51:32 BST 2013): I'm generally not a fan of female pop, but something about Katy and her music is different. The best way I can describe it is Cameron Crowe for pop music. She paints an audio picture, sometimes cheesy, of a place or time very, very well. I would say that this song is similar. The chorus is very strong, from "I've got the eye of the tiger" forward. I suspect the song will do very well and be picked up as an anthem for teen/preteen girls. But the verses, and particularly the opening, come off rather weak and disconnected from that anthem-like chorus. Reminds me a little of teenage dream, which is constructed similarly, but became a solid radio play. Given that the first single from any album is typically not the strongest, Prism will likely be a great album and I think it will be more focused around a specific theme than her first two albums were. Artists need pain to write inspired music and I think she's seen her share of it lately. Hide Your IP adress - http://goo.gl/dPYWuu.