Finding Lena Dunham: Georgie Okell Prepares For A Naked Interview With The TV Star

02 April 2013 by

UPDATE: The Lena Dunham hunt continues - a global campaign led by three British TV Presenters to get the Girls star to appear on The Fox Problem, via a Google Hangout. The trio have contacted her 'people', Georgie Okell has offered to interview her naked and we, Grazia Daily, have even done our bit. Watch how the #FindingLena mission is coming along via the video above...

Finding Lena Dunham: Now Georgie Okell Gets Naked In The Hunt For The TV Star

'Girls is our favourite show of life', Georgie Okell raved when Grazia Daily met the presenter last week. And to prove just how much of a fan she really is, Georgie's about to go the extra mile and get totally starkers. Yikes.

It's all in honour of the Lena Hunt - a genius feature on The Fox Problem which aims to track down the actress/producer/director to appear on the Google+ show. Georgie and her fellow presenters - Gemma Cairney and Georgia L.A - have enlisted the help of Girls superfan Kellie Olisky who takes part in the show via a live hangout and knows Lena's every. single. movement.

The foxes' hunt has become so fervent that Georgie announced today she's prepared to strip off and get in the tub if it'll help her secure Miss Dunham as a guest. 'We're such big Lena fans that we've dedicated a whole portion of the showing to finding Lena and trying to persuade her to be a guest - either on webcam via Google Hangouts or in the studio.'

The trio hatched Plan A: to email Lena's publicists and agents in an attempt to convince them that this IS a brilliant idea. It didn’t work. Plan B was to get loads of people around the world including pop stars, Girls cast members, ex-lovers etc to use the hashtag #FindingLena to draw global attention to the search in the hope of alerting Lena to the fact that her attendance is required. It still didn't work.

Finding Lena Dunham: Georgie Okell Prepares For A Naked Interview With The TV Star

For their next tactic, the foxes have raised the stakes and turned to an incentive. Yes, if Lena Dunham appears on the sixth episode of The Fox Problem, which will go live on 16th April, Georgie will not only fly to meet her in New York, but she will interview her utterly NAKED. Oh, and in the bath.

'I feel like she would totally be down for this,' says Georgie. 'Like a casual bathtub interview, just hanging out naked having a chat, you know?' How could she possibly refuse? Lena is of course no stranger to nudity and we've oft seen her splashing about in the bath for her hit TV show.

The question is: will the foxes seal the deal and bag a naked interview? You, interweb, have the power to make it happen...

The Fox Problem is Google+'s first ever live TV show and is on every Tuesday at 7.30pm on



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