The Co-Star Jennifer Aniston Dated Back In The 90s That Went Totally Under The Radar

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Just look at the matching Mom jeans [Getty]

You may think you know Jennifer Aniston's relationship history better than your own, but one romance with a former costar went under totally the radar. Back in the early 90s (in the days pre-Brad), Jen starred in a TV spin off series of the John Hughes film Ferris Bueller's Day Off called Ferris Bueller

GQ Editor-in-Chief Jim Nelson was an assistant on the short-lived show and has revealed that Jennifer Aniston and Charlie Schlatter (who played lead Ferris Bueller), had a "brief, torrid" romance. Looks like she's always had a thing for actors then, as she went on to date Tate Donovan, Brad Pitt, Vince Vaughan and Justin Theroux.

Jim said of the 21-year-old Jen: 'To Aniston worshippers, I can offer little dirt. She was lovely, kept to herself on the set, smoldering a bit like her outraged character, 17-year-old Jeannie Bueller. She was a brunette then, with none of Rachel Green’s bob or self-possession.'


As for her relationship with the actor he wrote: 'GQ can exclusively report that everyone on set thought she was hot, including Schlatter, with whom she had a brief, torrid romance - while playing, it must be said, his older sister. To we immaturions on the show, this seemed extra-hot. Like performative incest.'

Obviously our first instinct was to do a thorough Google deep dive and find the photo evidence. And there they are - Jennifer and Charlie in matching mom jeans and shoulder pads. These matchy matchy pictures are destined for one of our favourite Tumblrs - Old Loves - which has been set up to solely document those couples you totally forgot (or in this case, never knew) were an item. 

You know, like Ryan Reynolds and Alanis Morrissette, or that infamous '80s power couple, Brad Pitt and Sinitta (Brirmitta?). We have picked out 20 of the best couples time forgot from the good (Julia Roberts and Matthew Perry) to the bad (Cher and Tom Cruise).

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Matthew Perry and Julia Roberts

Who: Matthew Perry and Julia Roberts

When: The couple met in the 1996 when Julia appeared in an episode of Friends, as Chandler's childhood friend. They dated briefly after this.

Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow

Who: Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow

When: These Hollywood heavyweights were engaged and were together between 1994 and 1997. 'I'm so lucky that I spent time with Brad, somebody who was such a good person! Especially when I was, like, such a mess,' Paltrow said about the couple.

What happened: Gwyneth said that they called off the engagement because she wasn't ready for marriage. This was her first high profile relationship and she has revealed that it taught her to watch her mouth: 'I said things about being in a relationship [with Brad Pitt] that felt wrong to me even as I was saying them.'

Ashton Kutcher and January Jones

Who: Ashton Kutcher and January Jones.

When: 1998-2001. They met as models during a shoot for Abercrombie & Fitch.

What happened: When Ashton went to New York to shoot The Distance, they grew apart and he predicted January’s career would be short-lived: ‘He was not supportive of my acting... he was like, “I don’t think you’re going to be good at this”,’ she said. No guesses who had the last laugh there then.

Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhaal

Who: Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhaal

When: These two dated for two years from 2002 and lived together in Malibu. They owned a dog called Atticus.

What happened: Kirsten said to Allure Magazine that they aren't friends anymore: 'It would be nice to see him, But we're not good friends.'

Brad Pitt and Sinitta

Who: Brad Pitt and Sinitta.

When: 1988-1990. They met when his agent called hers after he saw her on telly and fancied her. She wasn’t impressed. ‘I thought it was quite rude,’ she said.

What happened: ‘We only had a brief affair’ is all Sinitta has said on the matter, although it’s thought they dated for two years. Brad went on to date his way through Hollywood’s A-Z, from Juliette Lewis to Gwyneth and Jen. Sinitta? Well, she moved on to Simon Cowell.

David Arquette and Drew Barrymore

Who: David Arquette and Drew Barrymore.

When: in 1991. Before they co-starred in Never Been Kissed (as siblings – gross!) and Scream, they were briefly together.

What happened: They split on amicable terms after a few months. But did David ever truly get over her? Recently, he admitted to Howard Stern that he wished they’d had a baby. ‘How
cool would an Arquette- Barrymore child be?’ Drew: truly, the one that got away.

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Anna Friel and Robbie WilliamsR

Who: Anna Friel and Robbie Williams.

When: the late ’90s – they were the cool new Brit couple for, ooh, at least two months.

What happened: Both were coming out of long-term relationships (she with Darren Day; he with Jacquie Hamilton-Smith). They split after Robbie was pictured on a 72-hour bender snogging a blonde while Anna was in Dublin.

Joaquin Phoenix and Liv Tyler

Who: Joaquin Phoenix and Liv Tyler

When: They dated for three years and lived together, after meeting on set of Inventing The Abbots.

Matt Damon and Winona Ryder

Who: Matt Damon and Winona Ryder

When: These two dated for three years, at the same time as his best pal dated Gwyneth Paltrow.

Moby and Natalie Portman

Who: Moby and Natalie Portman

When: Moby and Natalie dated briefly in 2001. He said of their relationship: 'I guess in some people's eyes, [nerds] might be mildly sexy – and, as a nerd, I'm certainly happy to enjoy some of the effects of that. But as far as the very brief affair that I had with Natalie, it's made me a target of a lot of nerd wrath. You don’t date Luke Skywalker’s mom and not have them hate your guts.'

Renee Zellweger and Jack White

Who: Renee Zellweger and Jack White

When: Renee and the White Stripes singer were together for two years. Renee's spokesperson at the time about their split: 'They remain good friends. There's no scandal and no new relationships.'

Ryan Reynolds and Alanis Morissette

Who: Ryan Reynolds and Alanis Morissette.

When: 2002-2007. It’s thought they met on the red carpet. Where else?

What happened: The pair got engaged two years after meeting, before splitting in 2007. A year later, Ryan was married to Scarlett Johansson and Alanis was exorcising her sadness in excruciating detail on Flavors Of Entanglement.

Matthew McConaughey and Sandra Bullock

Who: Matthew McConaughey and Sandra Bullock

When: They dated after meeting on set of 'A Time to Kill' in 1996, but often denied that they were in a relationship claiming they were just friends. In 1997 Sandra said that 'we have fabulous chemistry together,' but said that they were only friends.

What happened: These two remained close friends as Sandra said to Cosmopolitan: 'There’s a great amount of respect and love. I feel very cared for by Matthew. No matter where he is in his life or where I am in mine—he could be married—I know we would stay close.'

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Gosling

Who: Sandra Bullock and Ryan Gosling

When: The Gosling dated his Murders by Numbers co-star while filming in 2002, despite their 16-year age gap.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Robert Downey Jr

Who: Sarah Jessica Parker and Robert Downey Jr

When: Back in the 80s these two dated for seven years and started dating when they were both 19.

What happened: Robert has said of their relationship: 'I was so selfish. I liked to drink, and I had a drug problem, and that didn't jibe with Sarah Jessica, because it is the furthest thing from what she is. She provided me a home and understanding. She tried to help me. She was so miffed when I didn't get my act together. Sarah Jessica would pull me out of a hangover, and we'd go pick out furniture together. She is a force of nature!' He added: 'I was in love with Sarah Jessica and love clearly was not enough. I was meant to move on.'

Nicolas Cage and Sarah Jessica Parker

Who: Nicolas Cage and Sarah Jessica Parker.

When: 1992, after meeting on the set of Honeymoon In Vegas.

What happened: They split following the wrap party, with SJP merely stating Cage was ‘a wonderful travelling companion’. Post- filming, he moved on to Uma Thurman.

Sofia Coppola and Keanu Reeves

Who: Sofia Coppola and Keanu Reeves

When: In 1992 Coppola and Reeves dated after her father, Francis Ford Coppola, directed him in Dracula in 1992.

Tom Cruise and Cher

Who: Tom Cruise and Cher

When: These two could be the strangest couple, well, ever. Two decades after their relationship Cher told Good Morning America that despite the 16-year age gap these two dated in the 80s. She said he was 'just the most adorable man you can imagine.'

Tyra Banks and Will Smith

Who: Will Smith and Tyra Banks

When: These two dated for a year in 1993 after Tyra appeared on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Madonna and Vanilla Ice

Who: Madonna and Vanilla Ice

When: These two dated for 8 months in 1992.

What Happened: Vanilla Ice explained to News of the World in 2011, 'I broke up with her after she printed that book [Sex] because I was hurt to be an unwitting part of this slutty package. It was disgusting and cheap. We were in a relationship yet it looked like she was screwing all these other people.


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