Fictional Characters We Want To Marry - Don Draper, Chuck Bass and Superman

05 March 2013 by

Type #FictionalCharactersIWantToMarry into Twitter and you’ll be met with a very long list of names indeed. It’s THE trending topic of the day. @fleetstreetfox has summed it up as ‘[this] tells you all you need to know about how f***ed up our idea of marriage is. IT'S 2013, FOR PETE'S SAKE’. Bit harsh. It’s not as though these people actually think they’re in with a shot of marrying someone who isn’t real.

But we reckon she’s probably referring to the slightly odd choice of spousal material. It seems that when given all the choice in the world, real or otherwise, us ladies will still plump for the bad guys. So long Prince Charming, hello Christian Grey. No, seriously – this is a thing. Case in point, we asked Team Grazia which fictional character would be greeting them at the end of the aisle and bar a few cutesy and some downright weird choices, the naughty boys prevailed. Scroll through the gallery below to find out more…

Don Draper, Mad Men

Grazia contributor [a href="/author/clarethorp">Clare Thorp[/a] says, 'even though I know he’d be a terrible husband and I’d be at home baking a pie with my mascara running down my cheeks while he was rolling around on his office sofa with his latest secretary and a Lucky Strike hanging out his mouth. But you, know…it’s Don Draper.'

Dexter, One Day

Grazia's Polly Vernon says, 'Dexter in One Day, when he's all messed up and druggy. It would be my first marriage and it would not end well.'

Chuck Bass, Gossip Girl

[a href="/author/oliviafoster">Olivia Foster[/a], Senior News Reporter says, 'I have just started watching Gossip Girl at least 150 years after everyone else in the world and have discovered Chuck Bass. Sure he’s had an opium problem, shagged half of NYC and is probably a little short for my usual tastes but he REALLY loves Blair. Besides, no one broods like Bass.'

Phil, The Hangover

Assistant News Editor [a href="/author/lottielumsden">Lottie Lumsden[/a] says, 'He’s really attractive, fun, cool, likes to have a good time and is also naughty and a bit reckless. But I probably like him because I also really fancy Bradley Cooper…'

Aragorn, Lord of the Rings

[a href="/author/jesscommons">Jess Commons[/a], Editorial Assistant says, 'TOTAL NERD ALERT: Aragorn in Lord Of The Rings. I couldn’t give two tosses about fantasy fiction or films, but there’s something about Aragorn, Son Of Arathorn, Ranger of the North and rightful heir to the thrones of both Arnor and Gondor that totally makes me wish I was a beautiful elf from Rivendell that could marry him on a mountain top surrounded by hobbits. Wait, what?'


Grazia's [a href="/author/joduckworth">Jo Duckworth[/a] says, 'two for the price of one. Slightly nerdy, earnest journo type by day, super hot, muscly, save-the-world type by night. I was gutted when I discovered I couldn't have 'Lois Lane' as my career choice'.


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