#FacebookDown! Let's Rejoice Facebook's Return With An Ode On Why We Love It Really

19 June 2014 by


So Facebook crashed today. For 30 minutes and everyone either fully lost the plot or rejoiced…on Twitter. Pretending we all hate Facebook has become a bit of a thing but let’s be honest, we love it really.
Even though it might have reduced work productivity, created a new cultural disorder – FOMO- and highlighted our own narcissism …wait, let me take a selfie…we can't help but point out that we would miss it if it disappeared.
So, on the day when we had a taster of what it would feel like if we lost you ol’ Facey, we celebrate your best bits…

1. The way you enable us to showcase how well we are doing in life whilst feeling satisfaction that THAT bully from primary school (a situation we obviously pretend to be at peace with, hence the Facebook friendship) can see us in all our successful glory.

2. Your refusal to succumb to adding a LinkedIn style ‘see who has been looking at your profile’ function.  We are eternally grateful.

3. All your photos in one place. Because computers crash, but Facebook…oh wait.

4. The way you still hang on to the ‘poke’ button. It helps us identify the people we NEED to cull.

5. Allowing us to keep in touch with people we would normally have fazed out. That pen pal from Majorca circa 1999 could be a useful contact further down the line.

6. Stalking exes. Sometimes it’s bad, sometimes it’s SUCH a good pastime on a lonely Friday night. When we should be out talking to humans…hang on.

7. The non bias way you show us what we should be talking about:


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