Exclusive Interview: We Chat To Real Housewives Of New Jersey Star Melissa Gorga

25 April 2014 by

The Real Housewives of New Jersey was back on our boxes this week, picking up the action after the almighty showdown at the end of the last season. Right at the centre of the drama is Melissa Gorga, who has been in an ongoing spat with her husband’s sister, Teresa Giudice, ever since she called her a stripper. Fair dos, we suppose. We caught up with Melissa – whose life motto is “sexy life, loyal wife” - to chat fashion, the life of a reality TV star – and what viewers can look forward to this series.

Grazia: You always manage to look so glamorous!  What are some of your beauty secrets?

Melissa Gorga: I’m a freak about skincare. I focus on having that glowing skin, natural look. Products help, but it’s really about getting healthy from the inside too. I always try to find a good balance of eating healthy but never feeling like I’m on a diet.  I also work out with a trainer three times a week and it helps to keep you on your toes when you are chasing around three young kids.

Grazia: What’s your favorite item in your wardrobe?

MG: Right now, I’m dreaming about summer and am loving rompers. I love that it’s one piece that you can wear day to night. The right romper when accessorized is sexy and sophisticated all at the same time.

Grazia: In your opinion, which New Jersey Housewife has the best wardrobe?

MG: Hello? That would be me! Lol I would say we all think we have the best wardrobe!

Grazia: What was the last vacation you took?

MG: I’m on one right now! We are in Palm Beach for the kids holiday break.

Grazia: What was your most recent splurge?

MG: I am a big accessories girl so jewelry, shoes and handbags are my favorite things to splurge on. My latest splurge is a new rose gold and diamond platinum bangle set that I’ve been looking at for months and finally went and bought from Yanina & Co.

Grazia: What can you tell us about the new house you’re building?

MG: The new house is coming along. We just got done designing everything and the plans were approved so we can start the actual building. The house will be gorgeous and just as large as our Montville home yet we are going for a more modern design, especially for the interior. A lot of people think that building a house from the ground up is stressful, but Joe and I actually enjoy the entire process. It’s a hobby for us and I can’t wait for everyone to see this house.  It’s going to be incredible.

Grazia: If you could appear on any other TV show, what would it be? 

MG: Grey’s Anatomy. I have been addicted to this show since the beginning.

Grazia: If you could go back and give yourself any piece of advice prior to joining the series, what would it be? 

MG: Of course there is good and bad that comes with being on the show. I’m proud of the life Joe and I live and don’t mind showing it, but I do wish I told myself before my first season that some family events should remain private and not be filmed.

Grazia: What can viewers look forward to in season 5?

MG: Season 5 is a crazy emotional season. I’ve always tried to put my best foot forward and work through our issues, but this season you will see me start to lose the battle and give up on trying to make things work. I would say it was one of the hardest seasons for me, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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