Exclusive: 'Is Amanda Knox Guilty?' We Talked To A BBC Film-Maker About Meredith Kercher's Death

17 February 2014 by

On the last grey day of January 2014, American graduate Amanda Knox and her Italian then-boyfriend, Rafaelle Sollecito, were found guilty of the murder of British student, Meredith Kercher. It was the second trial and an unexpected outcome; Knox wept on television while Rafaelle was later picked up at the Italian border in what was reported as an attempt to leave the country.

Now, a brand new BBC3 documentary - Is Amanda Knox Guilty? - will air tonight revolving around the most recent developments leading up to the trial on January 30th.

We spoke briefly to Andrea Vogt, an Italy-based independent journalist and documentary-make, about the documentary process from development to writing and directing

Grazia Live: What was it about the story which made you decide to follow the Kercher case so closely?

Andrea Vogt: The day after Amanda Knox was arrested, I was asked to go to Perugia on freelance assignment for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper. The paper folded in 2009, but the story continued. Few could have imagined it would go on so long and become so big. 

Grazia Live: Why did you decide to make a film?

Andrea Vogt:The producer and I felt there was a lack of accurate and thorough documentation of what has happened so far and why. This is an earnest effort to tell the story in an objective manner, free from the influence of partial outside interests. The BBC is the right place for that.

Grazia Live: Meredith was murdered in 2007. What sort of time frame have you been working on?

Andrea Vogt:The film has been in development for years. There were interviews and location shoots in Perugia, Florence, London, Croydon and Seattle but I’ve attended every trial since the case began in November 2007. Amanda Knox was absent from the Florence appeal, so telling that part of the story was a visual challenge. The film’s main strength, I believe, is the fascinating audio and visual documentation gathered over the course of the years from the investigation and trials. Most of it has never been or heard until now.

Grazia Live: The film features several interviews with the Kercher family – how impartial is it?

Andrea Vogt: I would not say the film focuses heavily on the Kerchers. It is simply a balanced approach to a global story that has generally lacked the perspective of the victim’s family. They are very private and have handled their great pain with admirable reserve. I have met them (as I have all the families involved) during press conferences and court hearings over the course of the years.

Grazia Live: It’s been seven years since her death. What it about the case which has gripped both sides of the Atlantic?
Andrea Vogt: It is a complex, controversial and ongoing saga involving beautiful young people from four different countries. The twists and turns are unpredictable, yet constant. 

Grazia Live: What do you hope the film will achieve – and how do you think people will react to it?  

Andrea Vogt: I hope the film offers an accurate, clear and complete overview of the case, while also respecting the memory of the victim, Meredith Kercher, and ultimately allows those who watch it to make up their own minds about the answer to the provocative question it poses.

Is Amanda Knox Guilty? will air on BBC3 Monday, Feb. 17, at 9 pm



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Lyn Duncan (Tue Feb 18 08:38:37 GMT 2014): Can you please ask Ms Vogt how she came to state in this documentary that Raffaele Sollecito called Carabinieri AFTER the Postal Police arrived? Its just that the Massei and Hellmann Courts did NOT accept that scenario. However...a group of avid pro guilt people have come up with their own theory and posted it to a wiki style site they promote as fact, and which Ms Vogt promotes also. Also worth remembering that before Mr Sollecito called Carabinieri...he had called his sister re the break in and asked for advice (she was in Carabinieri at the time) plus Amanda had called her mother AND her housemate Filomena and spoken to her about the situation also. So where is the deal about this secret , wanton call to Carabinieri coming from? There was nothing to hide. There was no mop and bucket at the door. Listen to the audio of Raffaele talking to Police. Sounds very very together for a 'murderer' about to be found out. Raffaele stating notthing was stolen is so right considering the cirumstances. A burglary but laptops/camera's/jewellry etc still there?? Yes. They were. And Raffaele saw them. What burglar breaks in, makes a mess then leaves with nothing!!? One who has just murdered.
Vincent Cunningham (Tue Feb 18 13:44:11 GMT 2014): There is evidence that he called the Carabinieri afte the postal police arrive.The evidence to the contrary "postalle pdf" does not prove anything. Massei deemed it unimportant. Why did he call his sister?????? Why not just call the police?????? "plus Amanda had called her mother" Yep and now she is lying about when she made this phone call isn't she? "Sounds very very together for a 'murderer' about to be found out" Then why did he hang up the first phone call to the police?? "Raffaele stating notthing was stolen is so right considering the cirumstances" Did he live there? How would he know if anything was stolen or not?????????? "What burglar breaks in, makes a mess then leaves with nothing!!?" Now you're getting there well done!!! Continue that train of thought!
Anne Finn (Wed Feb 19 07:28:18 GMT 2014): Vogt says the inclusion of several interviews with the Kerchers 'is simply a balanced approach to a global story that has generally lacked the perspective of the victim’s family'. This alone is very worrying and clearly biased. The victim's family was not there. They do not know what happened. Clearly they have suffered a lot and should be respected but their 'perspective' on the guilt or innocence of the accused is irrelevant. I understand that Kyle Kercher works for the BBC. Shame on the BBC for producing this very biased account, produced by a journalist who has clearly been against Amanda Knox from the beginning.
Allen Maurice (Wed Feb 19 13:10:33 GMT 2014): Neither was Kurt and other friends and family from Seattle. They also feature in the programme so I fail to see how the inclusion of the Kerchers makes this a biassed documentary. So far as I can see it stuck to the physical evidence and problems associated with this. Not biassed at all.
Hillary Corby (Thu Feb 20 22:04:02 GMT 2014): A great deal of evidence was left out because time did not permit. For example, saying that the bloody footprints in the corridor could have been from bleach (which is absurd) They did not mention that the police used luminol because they read in Guede's diary his comments that he did not know how Knox could sleep with all the blood in the corridor. That alerted the police to the blood. They did not mention that Knox's lamp was found on the floor in Kercher's room, cleaned of fingerprints. Knox's blood was mixed with Kercher's blood. Knox had cut herself that night.
Hillary Corby (Thu Feb 20 22:05:59 GMT 2014): His phone records showed he did not call until after the postal police arrived.
Lyn Duncan (Fri Feb 21 02:44:29 GMT 2014): Vincent Cunningham Please! Amanda had called Filomena and told her of her concerns, she had called Merediths phones! Gee....those phones they were meant to have thrown away may have been ringing in Lana's garden!! Alerting people! Phone records show this. Raff called Vanessa, yes. Remember, Vanessa WAS Police at the time. Maybe not in same town, but Police nevertheless. So you are thinking what about these calls to AKs mom and to Raffs sister? In the end, the timings of any of the calls are totally irrelevant. Both Amanda and Raff had told people before they called Police. For all they knew Filomena could have called Police right after she spoke to Amanda. For all they knew, Filomena or Laura or BOTH could have arrived home earlier that day. The call times are a real non issue except for those desperately trying to make them 'murderers'.
Lyn Duncan (Fri Feb 21 02:49:31 GMT 2014): Hilary. Here are some sombre words from Guede's adoptive mother in Perugia. " Rudy always lies to protect himself" Hang on to that thought. Now. The 'footprints' in corridor ( shapeless blobs actually) tested negative for blood. Stefanoni herself stated in Court that if the TMB test is negative, there is NO BLOOD. If you continue to just look at rabid anti Knox sites you wont hear that. Everything else you mention is false. But Im not surprised you mention it. I am so sad for Meredith that people like Vogt perpetuate this BS and love up to her murderer Guede. So very very sad.
Lyn Duncan (Fri Feb 21 02:54:51 GMT 2014): Good for you Anne!! Andrea Vogt actually promotes a dreadful Amanda Knox hate site on her site and has made many biased comments over the years. And it is a hate site. The members there love to photoshop images of both Amanda and Raff plus members of their families including Amanda's boyfriend and her best friend Madison. They also do same for wellknown supporters like Douglas Preston, Steve Moore etc. There have been certain members of these sites who state publicly that if the Court wont put things right...they will. Etc. Absolutely disgusting. And Vogt promotes it.
Michelle Celestial Easterly Moore (Fri Feb 21 20:21:34 GMT 2014): You mean THIS paper folded? http://www.seattlepi.com/ nope, it didn't. Is she so embarrassed for not being asked to report for them any longer that she is going to lie? She must think her readers are really dumb. And she says that her motivation was an earnest desire to put out objective information. Really? Because Andrea Vogt is associated with 3 Internet Hate sites. Serious hate cites. Perugmurderfile.org perugiamurderfile.net and justiceformeredith.com They're full of complete nutters and cyber bullies/stalkers who have done very real damage to any and everyone who has spoken out in favor in the innocence of Amanda and Raffaele. Instead she known as the mouth of a corrupt crazy Prosecutor, Giuliano Mignini who should be in jail. She doesn't know the other families at all other than a brief introducing herself in an attempt to use THEM too. She doesn't truly care about Meredith Kercher. She knows the truth and yet she is still spouting lies because this is what how she can keep her favor (her only success) with the Prosecution. This is as corrupt as it gets. I'm embarrassed for the BBC, for anyone associated with her and for anyone who has been truly fooled by false information she is purposely putting out there. This is just gross on every level. I seek truth and love justice. This ain't it.
Ravi Singleton (Sat Feb 22 02:47:22 GMT 2014): Andrea Vogt is not an ethical journalist. The film was completely biased against Amanda and Raffaele. Dr. Balding is a statition and he showed his ignorance about DNA analysis by asking what are the electronic data files. These files that were never produced by the prosecution to show how they did the DNA analysis, the cowards. Leila is not a DNA expert, she has a degree in math. The luminol footprints tested neg for blood, which the defense found out later that the good Ms Stefanoni had indeed tested the foorprints for blood. ANd she had the audacity to lie in court about it. It just frustrates me to no end that evidence that shows they are innocent are never discussed only evidence biased towards guilt.
Diane Krstulovich (Fri Mar 07 00:21:37 GMT 2014): Hillary Corby wrong
Diane Krstulovich (Fri Mar 07 00:45:02 GMT 2014): wrong - the skin of both Amanda and Raffaele was thoroughly examined immediately after the crime and no wounds or bruises were found on either. However, photos of Rudy's hands and arms show extensive cuts and bruises, even tho the photos were not taken until Rudy was identified, located and extradited back to Italy, 2 weeks later. It's painfully obvious that precious Meredith used all the skills and passion she had within her to fight off her crazed killer. She wanted so badly to save this life she loved so well. It is SHAMEFUL that Rudy, her real killer, is about to go free because Vogt, the tabloids and the (formerly OUTSTANDING) BBC would rather make $$$ spreading lies about two innocent students than looking at the truth and demanding justice for Meredith's beloved family.
Diane Krstulovich (Sun Apr 13 02:42:51 BST 2014): Every inch of Amanda's skin was fully examined immediately after the murder. She had NO cuts, bruises nor injuries. Rudy was not even found until weeks later but (as you can even see in this bad film), he had BAD cuts to his hand because Meredith kicked his ass as she fought with all her might against this maniac to try to save her beloved life.
Heather Russell Orth (Mon Aug 25 22:58:51 BST 2014): shame on you for your obvious bias in favour of two murderers. on the other hand, the actual victims, the Kerchers, know far more about this case than you
Heather Russell Orth (Mon Aug 25 23:00:54 BST 2014): no the film shows the facts. the facts which you do not know, or you would know that the electronic data files were never hidden from anyone,and always available to every expert involved in the case. the luminol footprints were in blood, an amount that was not detectable from TMB and this was not lied about in this film. Stefanoni never lied in Court. if you want to see lying, read the testimony of Knox. There is no evidence showing they are innocent, so that would be why it's not discussed.
Shoshanna Zuckerman (Fri Oct 10 11:41:20 BST 2014): I have got to speak up here on Andrea Vogt's behalf. Whether we or she believe in the innocence of guilt of any of the party's involved is beside the point. I have the honor of knowing Ms Vogt personally and wholeheartedly vouch for her ethics, intelligence and commitment to fairness and impartial justice. She is an investigative journalist who was assigned to follow this case from the very beginning, giving her access to a full, detailed chronology of the evidence as it was revealed and investigated. She has absolutely nothing to gain from favoring one side over another. She is neither mercenary nor vainglorious nor motivated by any kind of pettiness. Her excellent book, Common Courage, reveals the depth of her commitment to human rights and humanistic sensibilities.