EXCLUSIVE: Behind The Scenes On Our Ant And Dec Shoot

25 February 2014 by

We cannae believe it! This year Ant and Dec celebrate 25 years in the TV business. We met up with the national treasures at a West London studio for one of their very few interviews and shoots (featured in the current issue of Grazia) and spent the afternoon clowning around.

Dec couldn’t stop laughing when a bowler hat we had asked Ant to wear in one shot was far too big for him. ‘It looks ridiculous,’ he told us. ‘Why’s it so big!’, squealed Ant.

Meanwhile Ant was tempted to take home a pair of gigantic comedy clown shoes but decided against it when he realised his wife Lisa Armstrong might kick off. ‘I don’t think they’ll fit,’ he joked to us. ‘They are good though. I do like them. I’ll get shouted at if I take back a massive pair of clown shoes though. I bring back so much sh*t anyway!’

Ant also told us that he wears white underpants whenever he does live TV. ‘I always like to wear a white pair of briefs for luck,’ he explained. ‘Never a coloured brief. Next time you’re watching me live you’ll think, “He’s got white briefs on”.

Just like when they’re on the TV, during the interview and shoot, Ant (McPartlin) was on the left and Dec (Donnelly) was on the right. They were a bit like an old married couple, finishing each other’s sentences and saying the same thing at the same time.

Hardly surprising given how long they’ve worked together. The boys (they may be 38 but they look and act like boys) are currently filming a new series of Britain’s Got Talent and told us they were pleased for new dad Simon Cowell. ‘I thought it would be off limits to talk to Simon Cowell about being a dad but it’s not, he’s thrilled to bits,’ said Ant.

‘He seems to have mellowed a bit,’ added Dec. ‘But he’s still late,’ said Ant. ‘He’s never on time. And that’s only going to get worse now there is a baby involved because he’ll have an excuse. He just swans in without apologising.’

Ant and Dec, who also front Saturday Night Takeaway which has just embarked on its 11th series, told us that they had also recently got dogs together.

‘We had a bit of time off last summer so we thought it would be good to get dogs and spend time with them while they were puppies,’ said Dec. ‘Now our dogs are best mates.’

‘It’s funny because mine’s a chocolate lab called Hurley and his is a daschund called Rocky,’ said Ant. ‘The size difference is ridiculous.’ Turning to Dec, he added, ‘Your dog can walk under my dog and not get wet! They are best friends. God aye, they love each other. I can’t walk past his house now without Hurley pulling me off to try and go in.’

Dec added, ‘It’s nice because we’ve got the excuse that we need to take the dogs for a walk now and then we stop for a pint.’

Given how long they’ve been in the industry, we asked them what they would do if it all went to pot tomorrow?

‘God, I have no idea,’ said Ant. ‘I’m not good at anything else. I don’t think I’m particularly great at this. I went on a butchery course last year which I enjoyed so that’s an option. It’s not the most glamorous but people always want good meat.’

Dec said, ‘I’d have to help him in the butchers shop.’

‘You’d be my butcher’s boy,’ laughed Ant. ‘Brilliant! I’d be like, “Sweep the floor and take these sausages out to Mrs McDonald’s. Go boy, run!”’
Somehow we don’t think that will be necessary.

Read the rest of our interview with Ant and Dec in this week's magazine.

Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway is on ITV Saturday nights, 7pm. Tickets for Ant & Dec’s Takeaway On Tour are available now at www.gigsandtours.com and www.ticketmaster.co.uk. For more information go to www.officialantanddec.com.


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