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Amy Adams On Her 'Overwhelming' Role In Man Of Steel': EXCLUSIVE

On the eve of the DVD and Blu-Ray release of Man Of Steel we spoke to three time Oscar nominee Amy Adams about starring opposite Henry Cavill, playing the iconic Lois Lane role  and what it was like seeing it on screen for the first time.

Did it feel like fate that you got this role?

Amy Adams: I don’t know if it was ‘fate’ or just the fact that I kept going after the role until they said yes. It was the Lois Lane in me!

How many times did you read for the part?

Well I read for two different versions of the film that were being made.

So what was it like to finally get to play Lois?

It came at a really good time in my life because I now feel more settled and more confident as a woman. I think bringing that kind of grounded-ness to her was really important.


Was that because it was a really iconic role?

Yeah, I think all of us really understand the history and that the fan base is really important. We take it very seriously and went in and put a lot of heart into it.

How did Henry Cavill deal with that responsibility ?

He has handled it remarkably well. He’s talked at length about his training but there’s a lot people don’t see. They don’t see him getting up at three o'clock in the morning to train and then do a full day of shooting and not complaining at all on set. Maybe he complained to someone else but I never heard a peep and I was on set with him a lot. He just has an amazing work ethic. That's something that I respect so much. Because he has the talent and the looks and the work ethic is the thing that really sets you apart as an actor I think.


What was it like working with Russell Crowe?

I was really nervous. (Because) when you’re working with someone who has a reputation as a fine actor and someone you have known for years, you want to do a good job. Playing Lois you have to throw all that out and just treat him as him. He was very helpful when I had to do some of my action stuff too.  

How would you describe Lois? She’s a really good reporter in it…

She's very good at her job and I think that she I like that she sort of uses her strength as a woman but also her gentleness as a woman to talk to people. I find that really good reporters feel like you're good friends with them and then you open up. I kind of wanted to bring that up, as opposed to Lois just being rough. Like when she talks to (Superman's mother) Martha Kent (Diane Lane) she's very plain spoken but there’s a warmth to her, which maybe it's a trick reporters use. It’s a good trick. I fell into it. I prefer it to the aggressive "I'm going to get the story out of you". It never works. 


What was it like seeing the film for the first time?

It's overwhelming. It's overwhelming for me the first time, and I got to see it again at the premiere. The second time was a lot more fun though, because I was able to see it with an audience and the first time I only saw it with two other people in the room. It was great because of the energy I was getting from the screen, seeing all the effects and experiencing the energy of a crowd very much transformed it into theatre for me because you were able to feel people invested in the film and just be blown away.  

Man Of Steel is available on 3D Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download from Monday 2nd December


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