#RichKids Of Beverly Hills: 'My Dad’s A Billionaire And I’m Fun-Employed'

29 January 2014 by

She grew up partying with the Hilton sisters, has lost count of the number of Birkin bags she owns and boasts a family fortune of $3billion. Say hello to Dorothy Wang, one of the stars of controversial new reality show, #RichKids of Beverly Hills, who last week spoke exclusively to Grazia. You won’t be jealous of her life at all. Well, maybe a bit… 

Dorothy has a LOT of Birkin bags. And we're not jealous at all.

Dorothy has a LOT of Birkin bags. And we're not jealous at all.

Dorothy – who describes herself as ‘fun-employed’ – says, ‘Some people might think I am flaunting my lifestyle but I’m not rubbing my family’s wealth in anyone’s faces. People LOVE seeing how I live my life.’

Based on the satirical Tumblr blog Rich Kids of Instagram – notorious for its tagline ‘they have more money than you and this is what they do’ – the new E! show follows Dorothy and her uber-rich friends as they spend their way round Beverly Hills.

Joining Dorothy onscreen are her friends, socialite Morgan Stewart and Brendan Fitzpatrick, a real estate millionaire. And the cameras follow them splashing out $20,000 on nightclub tables and taking trips to Cabo on a private jet… all while posting everything on Instagram.

Yet Dorothy’s keen to point out there is more to her life than simply, er, shopping.’ I know I am spoilt – anyone who lives way above the basic necessities of life is spoilt in that sense – but I’m not a brat. My parents say no to me all the time. And I have never stamped my foot and said, “Daddy, I want this”.’

#RichKids Of Beverly Hills: Meet Dorothy Wang

Partying with Paris; Private jet to Cabo. Sigh.

She adds, ‘I’ve always known that I come from a privileged, well-off family, but when I was younger, my parents tried to shield me from it – I think they felt that knowing the extent of our wealth might be a burden for me’, says Dorothy. ‘But when I was 18, a magazine reported that my Dad, who owns shopping malls and department stores across China, was worth $3 billion. I was completely staggered – it was beyond anything I could even imagine.’

Luckily for Dorothy, it seems she’s now come to terms with her family’s immense wealth. ‘Spending money within my parents’ means is definitely not the worst thing I could be doing. My friends and I were born into a certain lifestyle that we can't help. And I think if other people actually give us a chance and watch the show they will see us as people and not just what's in our bank accounts.’

#RichKids Of Beverly Hills premieres Sunday 2nd February, 10pm on E!

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