11 Things You Need To Know About Beyonce Knowles' New Pepsi Ad

04 April 2013 by

So, the Beyonce bombshell has been revealed...and it's the premiere of her brand new Pepsi advert. And it's amaaazing. Not least because it features multiple Beyonces in a room at once...and what's not to love about that?

The ad is called 'Mirrors', but no, it doesn't feature the latest Justin Timberlake single. Instead, we hear a snippet of a brand new Beyonce track, 'Grown Woman.' There's no clue as to whether this will be a single, or even on her new album but whatever... IT'S NEW BEYONCE, PEOPLE.

It was directed by Jake Nava, who was also responsible for her iconic 'Crazy In Love' video - of which she references in the ad. In fact, the whole thing is a nod to some of her most famous looks from the past - and Bey got a bit emosh filming the ad. “It was the first time I saw those costumes in years and it was very emotional,” she said. “I’m proud of those moments and they all connect in some way and have helped me evolve into who I am today.”

Here's everything you need to know about Beyonce's Pepsi ad...

1. She dances sexy even when there's no-one there to watch

2. She likes Pepsi. Which is handy as she's in their ad.

3. She looks pretty confused when other Beyonces appear

4. Especially when they look so fierce

5. Oh look, Crazy In Love Beyonce is baaaaaccck!

6. And she's still got really bendy legs

7. Pepsi Bey has a hand-off with Single-Ladies Bey

8. And she teaches a whole room of Beyonces how to dance

9. Bootylicious-era Beyonce is obviously a troublemaker

10. Beyonce can smash a mirror with the power of being Beyonce

11. And still have a lovely face afterwards


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