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Emma Watson Channels Her Inner Van Gogh PLUS 3 Other Actors Turned Painters

(via Reddit)

Yesterday the full extent of Emma Watson’s talents was revealed when her rather wonderful self-portrait came to light (see above). Ok, we’re aware that the criticism of “she can’t really do hands” might have some weight her but we’re loving her use of colour and brush technique. Also we’re pretty sure Sam, her character in the brilliantly angst-y Perks Of Being A Wall Flower would give it an ‘A’.

What other actors are secret brush strokers then?

James Franco

(via James-Franco.com)

In no way is it a surprise that actor/musician/director/writer/sleepy student James Franco is a painter as well. But where does he find the time? Well looking at his work (the above is part of his series ‘THINGS I SCRIBBLED IN THE BAG MY NOTEBOOK WHEN DOUBLE PHILOSOPHY WAS WELL DULL’ above) I can confirm that he probably does them in his sleep.

Johnny Depp

(via deppimpact.com)

Another man of many talents is Johnny Depp, whose non-acting side projects include P, his super group that gave us this drunk-dads-at-a-wedding version of Dancing Queen. As an actor he may have spent the last decade playing increasingly eccentric versions of the same loveably kooky character with a faux-British accent (but wearing different hats), but as an artist he is more eclectic. The above sketch, for example, suggests that he accidentally squashed a spider on the edge of his sheet of A4 and fashioned it into a likeness of himself. Which, you will agree, takes quite a bit of skill.

Lucy Liu

(via Studio 360)

When she’s not being stoical and kick ass as Dr Joan Watson on Elementary or staring at her old doll from the Charlie’s Angels films, Lucy Liu is a dab hand at painting. In the above she has cleverly echoed the emotion felt when you rub a clear bit out of a steamed up bus window using only your shirt sleeve. Bravo, The Liu, bravo.  


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