Educating Yorkshire Ends Tonight :( Here's The Pupils And Staff That We're Going To Miss

24 October 2013 by

(Picture: Channel 4)

Schools out guys! Last night sees the last episode of Educating Yorkshire, Channel 4's amazing docu-drama about Thornhill Academy, a Yorkshire Secondary School that allowed camera crews in to film its pupils and staff over the past year.

Headed up by Mr. Mitchell, Thornhill's been through a year of changes since he took over. And from what we've heard, this last episode tonight is going to be a total tearjerker as Thornhill bids adieu to it's Year 11s. So make sure you've got a hefty box of man-sized tissues for your viewing.

Here's the pupils and staff we're going to miss.


One of the most popular girls in Year 10, Bailey will no doubt be remembered for the time she proudly announced, "I've shaved my eyebrows off." We've been reliably informed that now Bailey's set to enter Year 11, she's allowed her eyebrows to grow back and now prefers a more natural look.

Mr Burton

English teacher and Assistant Head, Mr. Burton's the cheeky chappie of the faculty. Who could forget his flirtations with Mrs. Crowther and Mrs. Mardsen? Or his climbing on tables and teasing the kids mercilessly? Plus there's his trendy hairdo and suits. Ooh, Mr. Burton. We like you a lot we do.

(Picture: Channel 4)


Beyond a doubt the most charming little gentleman at Thornhill, Ryan's earnest speech to ask to be voted on to the school's Junior Leadership Team broke hearts. When he grows up he wants to be prime minister or failing that an actor, fireman or policeman. Oh by the way, after filming, Ryan spent his summer digging for Roman coins. What a total dude.

(Picture: Channel 4)

Mr Mitchell

As Thornhill's formidable headmaster, Mr. Mitchell's done wonders for the school since he took over a year ago and is determined to have a positive influence on every kid that steps through his doors. A no-nonsense Yorkshireman who, if we're honest, we fancy more than a little bit.

(Picture: Channel 4)

Mr Steer

Maths teacher Mr Steer will forever be remembered as being so devoted to his kids that he nearly allowed his leg to fall off. After he developed a severe wound on his leg from stress just before GCSE's, Mr Steer limped around the school at death's door, preferring to eschew medical treatment rather than let his kids down. What a hero.

(Picture: Channel 4)


One of Year 11's popular girls, don't be fooled by Sheridan's ditsy personality, the clever little lady doesn't want to follow in her friends footsteps and become a hairdresser, instead she's intent on following her dream to become a paramedic. She's just got to get that C grade in maths first. Since filming Sheridan's returned to the school for lessons with Mr. Steer every Thursday and is confident about her re-sit in November. Good luck Sheridan!

(Picture: Channel 4)

Mrs. Marsden

Head of Year 7 and Thornhill's mother figure, Mrs. Marsden was by her own admission, terribly behaved at school so understands the kids that come through her door perfectly. Who could forget the time she broke down in tears after a pupil called her a silly old woman? Oh gawd it was all too much.

(Picture: Channel 4)

Educating Yorkshire is on Channel 4 tonight at 9PM. You can catch up on the show ahead of tonight's final episode here.



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