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Dexter’s Back For One Final Season! Here's 5 Reasons Why We’ll Be Watching

After more than six years of blood slides, gruesome gore and awks sibling relations Dexter is back for its final season beginning on Sunday (on Fox UK). With last season’s cliff hanger ending it’s poised to be the best one so far. Here’s 5 Reasons why we’re sad about waving bye-bye (in a latex covered glove) to Michael C. Hall and co.

1) Deb

What’s not to love about Deb? From her ability to swear like a toxic-mouthed sailor with Tourettes, to her navigation of the male dominated Miami police department and her gradually more troubling attempts at sibling closeness with her taciturn brother, Deb's one of the best TV characters of the last decade. How will she deal with the revelations that came at the end of Season 7? Well, if the below trailer is anything to go by, not too well.

2) Sibling Weirdness

Are Dexter and Deb the most dysfunctional TV siblings since The Bluths? Quite possibly. The two have been through a lot together. Pretty much every hairy work situation and personal crisis you can imagine (and some you couldn’t).

We found them at a crossroads during the end of the last season. Now as Season Eight begins, the relationship between the two looks like it has been stretched to breaking point, with Deb spouting stuff like “I wake up every day thinking of every bad decision I made because of you.”


Sounds like something which couldn't be helped by a ‘You’re The Best Sister Ever!!’ greeting card, does it?

3) The Dark Passenger

Dexter’s so-called ‘Dark Passenger’ has pulled the narrative structure of the series forward. It’s also a concept which has had us scratching our heads from time to time. When the show started, ‘The Dark Passenger’ was Dexter’s description of the demonic part in all of us, but as Season 7 got into its stride, Dex realised that the urge to kill was inside of him all along, leaving ‘The Dark Passenger’ without a driver. So as we approach the final season, where to now for The DP?

4) Charlotte Rampling

Bringing a sinister edge to whatever she stars in, British acting royalty Charlotte Rampling is set to gate-crash Season 8 as Dr. Vogel, the creepy, pastel wearing psychologist who may not be all she seems. Will she turn out to be a friend or a foe?

5) Spin Off? (Yes Please!)

Whilst their keeping tight lipped how this final season will wrap up, the head of Showtime – the company who makes Dexter – has hinted at a Frasier-style spin-off. But who (and what) will it be? Masuka! – Vince’s adventures in speed dating? Angel! Batista opens a Hat shop and hilarity ensues? Erm...



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