Dawn O'Porter Talks Chris O'Dowd's Shorts And Partying With Caroline Flack

21 August 2013 by

New research by Barclaycard has found that 66% of Brits are more adventurous when they shop online. TV presenter, Dawn O’Porter, 34, falls into this category and we caught up with the online shopping addict to talk about her fashion disasters, her husband Chris O’Dowd’s dodgy taste in shorts and her friendship with Caroline Flack.

GD: What’s the most outrageous item you’ve bought online?

DO'P: I do 95% of my shopping online. Most of my wardrobe is outrageous. I like it when you’re flicking through pictures of dresses and you see a really bonkers print that you would never see on the high street. You’ve got so much choice online and you find things that are a bit more extraordinary. I have a maxi dress that has massive bell sleeves and is bright green with a crazy print. I’ve worn it a few times and every time I look like I’m on the cusp of crazy but I kind of love that. I’m always the person at a party wearing a silly dress.

GD: How would you describe your style?

DO'P: I’ve just done a big chuck out and I realised that it is now mostly vintage. I’m really proud of it and I have a wardrobe that nobody else has, but there are some days where I don’t have anything to wear because everything is so stupid.

GD: What’s your favourite vintage piece?

DO'P: I bought this primrose yellow tea dress for £7 on eBay a couple of weeks ago and I have been wearing it all the time.  

GD: Does Chris buy stuff online?

DO'P: He’s the one who got me into eBay. We did our whole house up from eBay. We both buy clothes online all the time. He’s got quite bonkers taste as well so he’ll bulk buy Hawaiian shirts on various sites but we also trawl vintage shops. Very often I’ll send links to him and say, “I think you should get this”. He does the same to me. He’s good he’s got a good eye. I could send him shopping and he’d come back with good stuff.  It’s very handy.

GD: Have you ever vetoed anything in his wardrobe?

DO'P: He’s got these denim cut off shorts which he’s worn every summer and they’re not even cut off at a nice length! When we were going to Glastonbury this year I said I’d pack for him and he asked me to pack them. I didn’t and I had to have a chat with him and tell him that we had to ditch them.

GD: Do you ever clothes swap with your friend Caroline Flack?

D'OP: No she’s tiny, she’s half my size. If we go to a festival we put a lot of effort into our vintage outfits. I do dress my friends up all the time but if I put one of my dresses on Caroline it would be like a tent.

GD: What do you do on a girls’ night out with Caroline?

D'OP: Drink rose and dance to silly songs like R. Kelly’s Bump N’ Grind. We were dancing to it the other night and we made a video.

GD: You got married last year, what was your favourite bit of your day?

D'OP: Getting married! And just getting drunk. I bought stuff for my wedding online. My shoes were £15 from eBay. There were little silver shoes. You don’t need to buy an £1000 pair of shoes just because you’re getting married, you’ll probably have kicked them off by 4pm.


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