10 Reasons Why We Think David Beckham Should Become An Actor

04 August 2013 by

David already has Guy Ritchie's seal of approval

We may have shed a tear when David Beckham announced he's retiring from football earlier this year, but we like to look on the bright side here at Grazia Daily because being footloose and fancy free means a world of opportunities opens up. He's already ticked Excellent Underwear Wearer off his list and may expand on his designing skills, but are there other challenges the sporting hero’s hoping to tackle?

Well, there's been rumours that he might try his hand at acting and today, a story has popped up on the The Sun suggesting that David is indeed considering a role in new spy thriller The Secret Service. According to sources, 'he has been written a part in Matthew Vaughn's new film and is on the brink of signing up to play a villain.' A villian? Becks? Surely not! Although he certainly has looks to kills *guffaw*

The rumours have not been confirmed and even if they are true, DB may not commit. Victoria, however, has already given her blessing to his acting career, saying, 'Sure, why not... I've been in Spice World and that was a great performance.' Umm... Meanwhile, movie mogul Harvey Weinstein also approves, saying: 'David can be anything he wants, including becoming a movie star. He doesn't need any advice from me, he can do anything he wants.' Hear, hear!

And there's one thing we are sure of: Grazia Daily would pay good money to watch Mr Beckham on the silver screen. Here's 10 reasons why...

1. Because he'd make the dreamiest romantic hero ever (move along RPattz)

2. Because he's learned from the best.

3. Because he's already proved his Bond credentials.

4. Because he did this for Guy Ritchie.

5. Because he gives Clint Eastwood a run for his cowboy money.

6. Because, seriously, this man is versatile.

7. Because he can tap into his sensitive side.


8. Because he does the best on-screen kiss.

9. Because we want more excuses to gawp at him in his pants.

10. Because you can never have too much Beckham.

Conclusion: get Steven Spielberg on the blower immediatley! And just in case Steven - or indeed you - need more convincing, we've compiled a gratituous informative gallery of David's greatest on-screen moments below...


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