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Matthew McConaughey Talks Dallas Buyers Club: 'I Wanted To Shake Up My Career'

Dallas Buyers Club – Jared Leto And Matthew McConaughey Speak!

Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto [Getty]

We were lucky enough to attend a very special screening of Dallas Buyers Club the AIDS drama set in 1985, featuring an Oscar nominated performance from Matthew McConaughey. It also stars Jennifer Garner and Jared Leto (who received an Oscar nod too). After the screening, Mr McConaughey and Mr Leto held a Q & A where they talked about their transformations for the roles. Here are the highlights...

Matthew McConaughey: I was looking to shake up my career

I was being offered parts and thinking 'I could (prepare for) that in two weeks.' Which is fine but at the same time I thought ‘I’d like to get scared and create some characters.’ Rom- Coms are built with a certain buoyancy. You can’t love and hate as hard in Rom-Coms but you can in these films.

Jared Leto: It was six years since I made a film.

(Dallas Buyers Club was) the right project because I fell in love with the role. (The part of transgendered Rayon) wasn’t a campy cliché, the type of which we’ve seen quite a bit before. To play this transgendered character addicted to drugs, dying of AIDS I thought- that’ll be fun! 

JL: To prepare for the role, I stopped eating

I also waxed my body but luckily, because it was period piece I didn’t have to wax my whole body. I kept in character the whole time. I spoke to people on set as Rayon. I had three weeks to prepare for the role.

MM: It's the biggest commitment I’ve made to a role 

I had specially programmed meals (in order to lose the weight for the role) and I couldn’t go out in the sun because I had to stay pale, so that took away my social life. (So) I spent those extra hours in the day researching HIV and the period.

JL: I didn’t have to audition

I had a meeting over Skype. I put some lipstick on, put on a pink top and I flirted with the director for 20 minutes. A girl’s got to do what a girl's got to do….

MM: I was looking forward to a full size meal

...but I missed Ron when shooting wrapped. I missed committing to something so deeply.

Dallas Buyers Club Is Out February 7th. 


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