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Culture Cuts: The Girls Parody PLUS Leonardo DiCaprio To Play Russia's Love Machine

This week we've been getting very excited about the first official trailer for Diana and the new Superman film Man Of Steel. But there's loads of other stuff we've been enjoying too...

1) How Would The Cast Of Girls Look Aged 50?

Girls Season 38? Are you ready? So let's begin. It’s approximately 36 years from now. Hannah’s still self-obsessed, unemployed and “trying to be the voice of a generation” (“But you’ve been saying that for two generations”), Marnie’s still hung up on Charlie (cue tragic Miss Havisham-style cobweb action) and Shoshanna’s still dribbling comedic stream of consciousness babble. This parody is all sorts of amazing and features the likes of Wendie Malick, Mindy Sterling and Martin Starr all being brilliant. Can this be a real thing please?

2) Leonardo DiCaprio Will Play Russia's Favourite Love Machine

Ra-ra-Rasputin/Russia's favourite love machine...oh, you know the rest. Yes it's been announced that Leo will don a rather massive beard and play the Russian "mystic, healther and womanizer" who advised the Russian Imperial family The Romanovs in a film called...Rasputin. We think it's perfectly cast.

3) See Joseph Gordon-Levitt As Don Jon


The way they’ve cut the trailer of Don Jon  -  the directorial debut from Joseph Gordon-Levitt (and starring Scarlett Johannson) -  gives it the same music-video-on-acid vibe of Spring Breakers or a Gaspar Noe film, but hilarious. Looks brilliant.

4) Kanye West Releases Surreal Trailer For Yeezus


So far, one of the stylistic theme of Yeezus has been ‘less is more’. So perhaps unsurprisingly this album trailer features Kanye doing some acappella rapping against a Seapunk style background and producer Rick Rubin lurking in the background.

5) Watch Polica Disturbing Video For Tiff


We love, love, love the new single from Polica (featuring Justin Vernon from Bon Iver) but the video is all kinds of creepy. A disturbingly dark comment on self loathing, don't watch in the dark!

6) Listen To Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky' In Loads Of Different Styles

Sick of Get Lucky yet? Well maybe you just need to hear it in...every single musical genre style from the 20s onwards? We’ve been jiving, doing The Charleston to these versions and we're not sure how we feel about it.

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