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Culture Cuts: Listen To Mariah Carey’s New Song, Watch A Trailer For Angelina Jolie’s New Flick

This week we saw the first snaps of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in the Fifty Shades Of Grey film (is it just us or do they look like they’re in an ad for Moss Bros?) we also went behind the scenes on the new Katy B video ‘5am’ .Here are the other bits of culture which got us quite excited this week.

1) Mariah Carey Unveiled Her New Single

When she’s not comparing Nicki Minaj to Satan Mariah unveiled a follow up to ‘Beautiful’ with the very wordy, booming ballad ‘The Art Of Letting Go’. Mariah, you’re on fire.

2) Angelina Jolie’s Looks Scary In A New Trailer

Is the role Angelina was always meant to play? An evil queen hell-bent on destruction? Well possibly according to Jennifer Aniston. Here she is in all her horn wearing, green-lit glory in Disney’s ‘Maleficent’.

3) Metronomy Get Astrological

The purveyors of seaside dance, Metronomy are back with the rather lovely ‘I’m Aquarius’ . I mean, we’re Pisces so whevs but still we loving this.

4) Monica And Chandler Get Their Own Spin Off Show

Waaah! Well kind of. Matthew Perry is set to do a guest spot on Cougar Town. Maybe some bright spark can edit together all guest spots the Friends have made on each others show and make, like, a whole new episode of the show? Please?

5) David Bowie Makes A Rude Video

Unlike the previous promo which featured Bowie cradling his former likeness, this video is all very NSFW, features a naked couple kissing and frankly we had to hide our eyes during bits.


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