Could Gwyneth Paltrow And Chris Martin Be Leaving The UK For Good?

03 February 2014 by

Chris Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin Having A Nice Old Time [Getty]

Sob. Could it be that Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are planning to leave our British shores FOREVER? Reports this weekend that they are selling their £7million North London property have got us all in a fluster that the couple could be looking to relocate for good.

Indeed, the couple have been spending barely any time in the country for a good while now. They relocated to Los Angeles last summer with it being thought that Gwyneth wanted to be closer to her family. However, up until now they had always kept their Belsize Park home free for when they wanted to return.  

Some reports have suggested that the house sale is coming after months of arguments with their neighbours. In fact a couple of the local residents spoke anonymously to the Daily Star at the weekend stipulating that they were angry about the couple’s on-going building works to the property.

Because we would really like it if they stayed in the UK here’s 7 reasons why Britain is the best, we hope you’re reading guys…

1. The weather. Look the sunshine is nice but no one wants to be hot ALL THE TIME, do they?

2. Er, the Queen. Don’t have one of those in America now do the

3. Fish and chips. Now we’re not sure that Gwyneth would be a huge lover of our Nation's favourite fatty snack. But Chris and the kids? They must be!

4. They put in all that effort on the house! Gwyneth and Chris built a swimmning pool, a gym, they even knocked two houses together to make a whooping 33 room property. Don't waste that effor guys!

5. We've got loads of great things to do. The London Eye, London Zoo, the London Dungeons - who doesn't love a trip to the London Dungeons eh?

6. Think of all the great TV shows they'll be missing... Kirstie Allsops Homemade Homes? How else with Gwyneth know how to make her own vintage style applique cushions?

7. Two words: Cream Tea.

Come on guys, we've given you a pretty definitive list here - please stay!


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