5 Reasons Why Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence Could Actually Work

18 August 2014 by

Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence Dating: Why They Could Actually Work

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin: the year's hot new couple? [Getty]

Chris Martin does alright for himself doesn’t he? According to reports this weekend he’s been secretly dating our absolute favourite person other than Taylor Swift,  Jennifer Lawrence. They might strike you as an odd couple, but we’ve given it more thought than we probably should and come up with five reasons why this latest celebrity pairing might actually go the distance. You’re welcome.  

1. Because they can both enjoy junk food 

Last month Chris admitted during a Radio 2 interview that he’s no longer vegetarian since splitting from notorious clean-eater Gwyn. ‘I am not really vegetarian. I eat meat. I was vegetarian for a long time but for various reasons I changed’, he said. Obviously, by ‘various reasons’ we took him to mean ‘because Gwyneth no longer emits a long high-pitched scream whenever I eat something that isn’t kale’. And now he’s hooking up with J Law he can indulge himself – J Law is known for enjoying a guilt-free pizza, and joked at last year’s Oscars that she’d sent her publicist to pick her up a burger.

2. Because she’s a Coldplay fan

You’d kind of have to be, wouldn’t you? Jen was reportedly spotting flirting with Chris backstage at a Coldplay after-party in June.

3. And he likes The Hunger Games

He wrote a song, Atlas, for The Hunger Games : Catching Fire soundtrack. Is that when sparks first began to fly between him and J Law? (Sorry)

4. Because she likes a Brit

Jen’s ex-boyfriend is British actor Nicholas Hoult, and Chris also ticks the Brit box. Hopefully she doesn’t do that annoying American thing of asking if they’ve ever met the Queen. Although thinking about it, there’s a good chance that at least one of them will have.

5. And he likes an Oscar winner

The may be poles apart in many respects, but Gwyn and J Law do have one thing in common – they both have little gold statues cluttering up their downstairs bathrooms. Gwyn won an Oscar for Shakespeare in Love in 1998 (who can forget that speech) while Jen won one last year for Silver Linings Playbook. Maybe Chris just likes practising his acceptance speech when his girlfriend is out the house?


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