People Have Voted Channing Tatum The Sexiest Man Alive - But Who Tops Grazia's List?

15 November 2012 by

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How anyone can reach a unanimous decision on the Sexiest Man Alive is beyond us. But the folks over at [a target="_blank" href="">People[/a] magazine have bestowed this year’s honour to one Mr Channing Tatum. While we don’t disapprove of their decision (hello buttocks in the first minute of Magic Mike) it sparked a HUGE debate in the Grazia office. Basically, there are just too many hot men to choose from - hello Robert Pattinson and Ryan Gosling - and while the Chan Chan Man certainly features highly on our list, there are several contenders in the running. So in no particular order, here are the Grazia girls top picks for the title...

Leonardo DiCaprio

Only because he’s mega talented. He also dies in most of his films which makes him an extra tragic (read: lustworthy) chap. Also, he only dates blondes, so I’m in there….right? 

[a href="/author/jesscommons">Jess Commons[/a] – Editorial assistant

Robert Pattinson

Who can make girls across the globe swoon? Robert Pattinson. His bequiffed mane, his smouldering stare, his crooked smile - R–Patz has transformed into a Hollywood dreamboat before our very eyes. And now he's sporting a broken heart, he's more adorable than ever. Plus he's funny AND British. Channing's just too much of an American beefcake for my liking.

[a href="/author/jessicavince">Jessica Vince[/a] – Digital editor

Ryan “The Goz” Gosling

Brains, brawn, a penchant for arty, intelligent films as well as mainstream comedy and he adorably takes his dog everywhere with him. The sort of fella your parents would approve of. And did we discuss the body? As Emma Stone so aptly puts it when he takes his shirt off in Crazy Stupid Love; ‘F**K! It’s like you’ve been photo-shopped!’

[a href="/author/scarlettrussell">Scarlett Russell[/a] – Entertainment editor

Alexander Skarsgard

Aside from the obvious man mountain assets (THAT. BODY) he ticks all my Viking-Scandi man fantasies. Yes there is about a foot and half height difference between us, but I feel this is something I could cope with. I love that he went to uni in Leeds, I love that he is a vampire called Eric and I love that Kate Bosworth was his last girlfriend. He’s clearly an Anglophile sex god with good taste in women. How could I not swoon at his feet?

[a href="/author/katherineormerod">Katherine Ormerod[/a] – Senior Fashion News and Features Editor

Jason Bateman

As Ross from Friends once said ‘obvious beauty is the worst, its right in your face’. I feel the same way about muscles. Not as scary as sharks but still intimidating. So Bateman tops my list for being extremely attractive in a non-threatening way. He also seems nice. I think my Mum would like him. He’s funny and has good hair and let’s face it playing a sensible, single dad in Arrested Development did wonders for his sex appeal.

[a href="/author/joduckworth">Jo Duckworth[/a] - Entertainment assistant

David Bowie

David Bowie was the first poster I ever owned. I was seven so while the word ‘sexy’ wasn’t running through my mind as I blue tac’d his face to my wall, I was in awe of him. I can’t really explain what it was – maybe the androgyny, maybe the clothes (anything leather or by Kansai Yamamoto) or maybe the music. There’s just something otherworldly about him which translates into sexy. And given this is the sexiest man alive, and he’s been sexy for several decades, feel free to view this as a tribute to his longevity.

[a href="/author/morwennaferrier">Morwenna Ferrier[/a] - Features editor


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