Are You Guilty Of PDE? The Stars Take To Social Media For Public Displays Of Emotion

20 June 2014 by


From Selena Gomez's infamous Instagram cull to Calvin Harris's Twitter dumping of Rita Ora, it's the year of social media PDEs (that's Public Displays Of Emotion). We've watched aghast as the stars repeatedly turn to social media to make grand statements about their relationships, bearing all for the world to see.

There's no denying we've become addicted to our social presence and you can't blame the celeb folk for wanting to take the issue into their own hands (or rather Instagram feeds). But is it best you sit on your hands and take a few breaths before you go  feral on your Twitter a la Rob Kardashian?

One thing's for sure, it can easily become a disaster zone. We've all been there after a breakup when you become trapped in a vicious circle of profile stalking. Or when you're that friend who demands to select the filter of every Insta snap to ensure you look utterly gorgeous AND prove you're having an absolute hoot.
And it’s not just romantic relationships that get the social media treatment. Oh no. Hands up if you've unfriended in an angry rage only to come crawling back with a friend request a day later. We're guilty of changing our profile pics in a not-so-subtle move or finding innovative new way of passive aggression - cue de-tagging, picture culling and ‘liking’ of photos we know will subject others to an eye twitch.
We admit it, we confess, we hold up our hands. Yet it doesn’t feel so grand. You know what does though? Reminding ourselves that we’re all the same, even amongst the A-list. So without further a do, here's a reminder of some celeb relationship dramas that have played out on the social media stage...

1. When Solange deleted all her pics after Lift Gate


First came the video of Solange whacking Beyoncé’s hubby with her handbag that got shared a gazillion times. Then came Solange’s Instagram cull of all Beyonce pics. Once eyes were on @saintrecords (Solange’s Instagram profile), the singer reacted by posting a #ThrowbackThursday snap of her and Bey. But um, it’s been deleted. It appears that the only remaining Beyoncé pic is one from 16 months ago… 

2. When Beyoncé tried to patch things up


Big sis Bey followed suit with an onslaught of sisterly togetherness over on her profile. Then came the 'we're a happy family' shot including Jay Z himself and the sister's mum, Tina Knowles. And with that, all was well again (or at least we think so).

3. When Calvin Harris 'dumped' Rita Ora on Twitter

Allegedly, Calvin chucked poor Rita via Twitter, before telling her first. Way harsh.

4. When Rita Ora proved she has a new wifey

rita ora cara delevingne tattoo


Being publically dropped as Cara Delevingne‘s ‘wifey’ has got to hurt. But not one to sit and wallow just days after Cara and new BFF Jourdan Dunn showed off matching ink on Instagram [bottom right], Rita revealed she also has a new tattoo [top right] and dedicated it to her bestie '@andacloud9'. So there!  

5. When Justin Bieber tried to win Selena Gomez back


Playing with the hearts of teenage girls everywhere, Justin is a BIG fan of posting pics of Selena with captions like ‘our love is unconditional’ and ‘most elegant princess in the world’ before promptly deleting them. We assume it was all in a bid to get her back after the two parted ways. Which would appear to have been successful if recent whisperings of a rekindling are true...

6. When Selena Gomez went on an Instagram cull


Let's be honest, Selena was probably sick of seeing endless selfies of Justin Bieber, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner... so we can't blame the girl, but instead of ditching a select few, she just unfollowed everyone. One by one. Talk about social media politics! Rumour had it that Selena was miffed after Justin was getting too close for comfort with Kylie when they hit Coachella festival in May. Whatever the reason, the singer is now following three people: a minister, A-list jeweller Lorraine Schwartz and um, her own fashion brand.

7. When Rob Kardashian totally accepted his break up with Rita Ora


Goodness, Rita's really got it in the neck on Twitter, hasn't she? Rob took to the social media platform last year to post a flurry of tweets claiming that an unidentified ‘she’ had been cheating on him with 20 dudes. He went on to delete said tweets but the damage was done. Rita attempted to retain a dignified silence before responding by suggesting ‘you should have to sit an exam before you go on Twitter’. Yikes. 

So you see, it's not just us mere mortals - and at least our every social media move doesn't get picked up by the Mail Online. Feel better? Us too.


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