In Anticipation Of The Les Miserables Premiere, Here's 10 Actors You Didn't Know Could Sing

05 December 2012 by

In Anticipation Of The Les Miserables Premiere, Here's 10 Actors You Didn't Know Could Sing

With Les Miserables set to premiere in London this evening, we've become just a little bit obsessed with singing celebrities. We're not talking about Rihanna or Beyonce, you know, those people who are actually paid to sing for a living or even Zooey Deschanel who is in a band. But every now and again, one of our favourite A-list actor or actress might just surprise us from time to time with their extra-curricular abilities...

1. Sarah Jessica Parker Performs A Song From Annie

When we heard she'd signed up for a cameo appearance in Glee, we had a sneaking suspicion the Sex and the City star had been holding out on us. Then we saw this. All the way from 1982...

2. Hugh Grant in Music and Lyrics

You can rely on Hugh Grant to play the bumbling, slightly awkward but ever-so-dashing Englishman in any rom-com but he totally spun us for a loop in Music and Lyrics as a former 80's pop singer with a cheesy back catalogue who writes and performs a brand new duet with a Britney-esque songstress. Ok, he was never going to win any awards but top marks for effort...

3. Rebel Wilson In Pitch Perfect

It's not even out yet (21 December) but Pitch Perfect is all about the voice. Now even though Anna Kendrick is totally amazing in it, she does have a musical theatre background. However, Bridesmaids breakout star Rebel Wilson massively impressed us with her versatile singing style. Still funny too.

4. Kate Bosworth in Topshop's Christmas film

The wait is over and Topshop have finally unveiled Kate Bosworth as 'the girl' in their Christmas campaign. We LOVE this soulful rendition of Winter Wonderland.

5. Gwyneth Paltrow in Glee

Without a doubt, our favourite of all the Glee cameos is Gwyneth's recurring role as substitute teacher Holly Holiday. After performing Cee-Lo Green's Forget You in the classroom, she went on to duet with the star at the 2011 Grammy's. Nice.

6. Kate Winslet's Christmas Carol

You were probably as surprised as we were when in 2001, Kate Winslet released an actual single in the charts. Mental. Turns out, it wasn't quite as random as we first thought and it was in fact taken from the official soundtrack of the animated film Christmas Carol: The Movie.

7. Nicole Kidman's Duet With Robbie Williams

After her stellar performance in Moulin Rouge, we knew Nicole Kidman had a good set of pipes on her so we very much enjoyed her duet Something Stupid with Robbie Williams. The video really is quite something...

8. Should Damien Lewis Stay Or Go Now

We're not entirely sure what this is or where it came from but we love it all the same. Allegedly filmed at the Homeland season one wrap party and dedicated to his favourite CIA agent, Nicholas Brody proves that it's not just the American accent he's nailed. And is that Claire Danes head-banging down in the front??

9. Bruce Willis...

Ok, we might have been a bit slow on the uptake with this one but Bruce Willis, making records? Apparently so. If you need proof, it's coming right up...

10. Robert Downey Jr in Ally McBeal

Remember that episode of Ally McBeal when RDJ dueted with Sting? No, we don't either so it's even more magical second time around...


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