Catfish: The TV Show Is Here! Here's 5 Reasons Why We're Watching

30 January 2013 by

catfish promo shotCatfish: The TV Show is here, and we're basically obsessed. What is it? Well, back in 2011 you might remember a documentary also called Catfish. It followed Nev Schulman as he slowly realised the woman he'd fallen in love with online was the internet creation of a middle-aged woman, whom he subsequently became friends with. Although Nev didn't find true love, he did find himself a whole world of people who had also been 'catfished' online. So MTV gave him his own show.

If you’ve not seen the show, we're three episodes in and it’s basically Nev (fit) and his pal Max (also fit) who are contacted by people in internet relationships who have an inkling that their partner may not be who they say they are. Nev and Max use a series of super-hi-tech methods (like Google image search) to find out who the boyfriend/girlfriend really is before heading to their house to confront them. In short, it’s awesome. Here's 5 reasons why we can't turn it off.


Ever optimistic, Nev is the champion of true love. Far from being burned by his own experience, Nev always hopes that the catfish is who they say they are. Plus, he's a babe.


The complete opposite of Nev, Max is a realist. He’s cynical from the outset and isn’t afraid to tell people the bad news.

The Catfishes

Ranging from the seriously overweight, to the sexually confused, to those out for revenge, the catfishes have a variety of reasons for making up identities online. 'Scorpio' in episode 2 (SPOILER ALERT) made a fake profile to further his clients' modelling and acting careers. Along the way, he met Trina and fell in love. Unfortunately Trina fell in love with a super-stacked dancer, when in reality, 'Scorpio' was a heavy-set father of four.

The Confrontation

Sadly, we haven't seen one episode where the catfish turns out to be who they say they are. There's always a super tense moment when Nev and Co. knock on their door and wait for whoever is behind it to open it. There's normally tears, and a garbled explanation of why the catfishing went on.

The Afters

One month later, Nev and Max check back in with the couple. Some work on their issues and remain together, some break up but remain good friends, either way, you never know what's going to happen.

Catfish is on MTV on Mondays at 10 PM



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